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Is It Good? Larfleeze #1 Review

Not only did we get a whole new group of writers for the Green Lantern titles, we got a new book as well! It stars Larfleeze, the only member of the entire Orange Lantern Corps. Is he popular enough to maintain his own book? Is it good?

Larfleeze #1 (DC Comics)

Larfleeze #1 Cover

Larfleeze and his new butler are near a corner of the universe at the creation point, where the poor dog alien is depressed as hell. He has lost everything, including his own Power Battery, and does not seem to care about the fact that if he and his butler drift any farther, they’ll be destroyed. However that does not faze Larfleeze in the slightest when he decides to go into flashback mode!

Larfleeze 1 01
Good times…

Unlike every other Green Lantern book I read this month, this issue is incredibly light on story with it consisting of Larfleeze and his butler talking to each other and a bright dog attack later in the issue. This comic is mostly about the comedy and filling in audience about the character’s the backstory (as questionable and unreliable as it maybe). For what it is, it’s enjoyable. I got a couple of chuckles and smiles while reading this and I do find some of the backstory interesting (if a bit different from previous looks at the character’s history). However, if you can’t stand Larfleeze in any way, this book is so not going to be for you in the slightest bit. He acts the same here as he does in every other book he was in.

Larfleeze 1 02
Old? Nah man, you don’t look a day over 3 million.

The artwork is definitely drawn well. It’s rather cartoonish in a way with how it’s drawn and colored, so it fits the goofy and silly tone this book perfectly. The only downside that I could possibly make is that while everything is drawn well and fits the tone great, it’s never really eye catching until the last pages and there is a rather gross birth scene as well.


  • Fan of Larfleeze? This is for you!
  • Comic does have some pretty funny moments.
  • The artwork really fits the tone and vibe of the story.
  • Not a fan of Larfleeze? So not for you!
  • The humor can be hit or miss.
  • Extremely light on story and VERY heavy on the dialogue.

Is It Good?

Yes and no. If you like Larfleeze, you will like this comic and its humor. If you don’t, stay as far away as you possibly can. This book will certainly not change your mind about the character at all. That’s all there is to it.




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