Oh hey, a brand new number one from Image Comics and it’s done by the awesome team of Greg Rucka and Michael Lark — the same team (excluding Ed Brubaker) who did Gotham Central a while back. What can these two bring to the table with their brand new series? Is it good?

Lazarus #1 (Image Comics)

Lazarus #1 Cover

In some far distant future, society completely and utterly sucks (it always seems to). A group of families control most things through their wealth and just about everyone else is beneath them, considered no more than serfs or waste. Protecting each family is a Lazarus, a specialized and highly durable solider. Forever is one of them and is assigned to the Carlyle family, but unlike other Lazaruses, she is having doubts about what she does and what she believes in.

Lazarus 1 01
Whoa dude! This is not the kind of woman to be hugging.

I’m going to stop there, because there is just so much going on in this issue. So many concepts, ideas, backstories, and characters are being introduced. However, most of this is nicely summed up on the first page and the rest is introduced at a good pace so that all of this isn’t too overwhelming.

The rest of the writing is just as good. The main protagonist is characterized very well, so you really feel for her and understand where she is coming from. The dialogue is done well and never feels awkward. With the way ideas introduced and the way the issue ends, it leaves you wanting more to see where everything is happening. The only slights I have with this comic is that I’m not sure where exactly this story is going and some of the characters feel too clichéd, like you’ve seen these character types all before.

Lazarus 1 02
I so totally believe you mean that.

The artwork for the comic is also very good like the rest of the story. It really helps the tone and mood for the some of the scenes, like the action scene at the beginning with the coloring and shading. All the characters look different from each and have some great facial expressions, which helps with understanding their moods and their mindset. The only slight I have with the art is that the coloring occasionally makes the world a bit dull looking, especially when Forever is meeting with her doctor.


  • All of the writing is very well done.
  • The artwork brings the characters and the tone to life.
  • All the concepts are introduced at a reasonable pace.
  • Some of the ideas and characters are not original.
  • Only a very vague direction for the comic currently.

Is It Good?

The first issue is a very promising start and has lots of potential to continue to get better. While some of the things in it are not completely new or different, Lazarus makes up for with solid writing and artwork. Definitely recommended to the curious readers.