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Is It Good? Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #1 Review

TMNT has long epitomized unbridled nostalgia. It’s a comic book title I’ve shied away from largely to keep those nostalgic feelings in memory rather than muck them up.

So when IDW goes and publishes a new series with really cool designs and an interesting dynamic when it comes to April O’Neil I just couldn’t resist. It might be geared towards kids, but is it good?

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles New Animated Adventures #1 (IDW)

It’s a tough thing for a comic to be readable for children but entertaining enough for adults. In most cases comics like this tend to be wordy and heavy on exposition to ensure children understand what is going on. The trick to get around this is to give kids more credit and let them figure it out, but to make that easier you can also ensure the characters have strong voices. This issue has that in droves.

April isn’t just a reporter but training to be a ninja. Nice!

Writer Kenny Byerly opens the issue with April working on her sneaking skills in the turtles’ sewer. She’s training to find her dad, and later in the issue, she tests these skills when Donnie takes her on a mission to a military junkyard. I can’t say enough how much I love April in this comic. She’s spunky, fun and determined. Above all else she’s strong and a good entry point companion for readers to join the fun. This issue doesn’t belittle the reader either with exposition, explanations and boring storytelling, but jumps right in and wants to tell an exciting story.

Really nice backgrounds in this issue.

The subject matter is child friendly too though and kids should love the always favorite Michelangelo. Bringing April’s age down and making her part of the team helps bring in female readers too which I love. Girls can love the Turtles sure, but April is so strong here I can’t help but think this is a comic for everybody.

Another good laugh..

The art by Dario Brizuela does a great job with mood and atmosphere and his rendition of the Turtles is fun and interesting. They are a little more boxy like turtles should be and he adds small details to distinguish the turtles like cuts in their flesh, missing teeth and plenty of tape on the fingers and ankles. These characters look worn in and battle scarred, but still have plenty of character and humor to go around.

Splinter is huge.


  • Great cartoony, yet realistic touches on the art
  • Fun story
  • April is a strong character
  • A lot of Donatello and not a lot of everybody else

Much like a good done-in-one cartoon episode this story is fun, fulfilling and has everything you’d want. I’m by no means a big TMNT fan today, but I found this issue entertaining enough to add some smirks and keep my interest. Really this is a perfect comic when you take into account all the types of folks who can take enjoyment from this issue.

Is It Good?

Yes. Brings back the feel good memories of the TV show.


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