A superhero with souls empowering her blades might sound like DC Comics’ Katana, but don’t you worry your little head about comparisons, because Zenescope Entertainment’s Masumi is clearly different and compelling. I sat down to review the Unleashed tie-in GFT Demons #2 and came away with an answer to the question, “is it good?”

Grimm Fairy Tales: Demons #2 (Zenescope Entertainment)

I didn’t have the chance to review the first issue, but worry not gentle readers, as I even skipped the summary page of this issue and dove right in with no problems. I think it’s a testament to well written comics when you can read an issue without reading the “previously” page and still enjoy yourself. I surely did.

This issue opens with Masumi remembering a day in her childhood when her twin sister was possessed by a demon. The story then cuts back to today as Masumi is on a search and destroy mission to kill the demons possessing innocent people. We also get a ton of info as to how this ties into Unleashed and some good Masumi character development.

I love how the demons seem to be making out at the bottom left.

As far as single issue reads go, this comic has it all. We get a compelling backstory that compliments the main story, development on a wider scale and plenty of killer action. My hat goes off to writer Pat Shand for the pacing in this issue and the balance between story elements is really well done. One particularly frightening thing Shand does is make the powerless human puppets speak some frightening stuff. An example of it can be seen below and it’s at once gross, weird and disturbing.

Dial it down a notch or I might run and hide!

Artist Jason Johnson completely blew me away in this issue. He has a cell shaded style, but it’s more than that. More than once I thought, “this Jason guy needs to draw [insert mainstream superhero here].” His cartoony yet very angular pencils look great in quiet moments and action packed ones as well. The design of the monsters is incredible that’s at once fun and interesting. Because his style is cartoonish yet adult, these monsters reminded me of the monsters in Disney’s Hercules only twisted for an older audience.

Love those mouths.

Johnson also does a great job with his layouts. There’s some truly inspiring stuff going on here and once I was finished I couldn’t help myself, I had to go back and check out how the panels were laid out on all the pages. He changes things up consistently with little to no reuse. They also show how the composition of the page can strengthen action sequences and quiet moments alike.

If I were nitpicking, I did find one panel that looked a bit awkward (Masumi’s breasts look like pancakes), but even still the story is being conveyed and the images look great on every page.



  • Looks amazing
  • A lot of bang for your buck
  • Great pacing
  • Pancake breasts…it’s just one panel but still!

So often these days you can read a comic in two minutes flat. Not so here, and in fact I flipped through to the end more than once just to see how many more pages I had left. Every time I was astounded how much more story there was. That tells me there’s a lot of value in this issue with plenty of story, action and character development for anyone to enjoy. I also think Jason Johnson is really coming into his own with this issue. If you want to see an early issue of someone who’ll be hot on the scene in the future, check this comic out.

Is It Good?

Yes. Enjoyable read, every page and panel.