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Is It Good? The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2 Review

Last time, this comic and me didn’t see eye to eye. However, since then, I decided to try to fix that. I bought My Chemical Romance’s “Danger Days” album and listened to it a couple of times; plus I also talked and discussed this comic with others to get their takes on it. With maybe a better understanding of it this time around, I’m going into the second issue and going to try to find the answer: Is it good?

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #2 (Dark Horse Comics)

Oh god, I’m not sure how to even describe what’s going on in this comic. The primary story going on here has the girl meeting an old friend from the past and them talking while we have stuff with the Grant Morrison clone, the desert punks, and blue-haired bob-cut pasty sexbot are mixed in. The problem with all of this is that the story is trying to do way too much in too short of time, making the pacing and the flow of the story suffer big time. With how the story is laid out, scenes do not transition smoothly as it jumps from character to character, coming off disjointed or abrupt. Then with everything it tries to do, say, or build upon, the pacing and focus are very sporadic. Sometimes it takes its time on a certain character, even if they are not adding anything at all, and then it rushes through others even if they are important to the plot.

As such, nothing feels strong in a sense. The characters are given tiny bits of details and motivations, but not enough that you can really care about them. There are themes and ideas in an attempt to seem smarter or deeper, but they come as tacked on, unnecessary, or even clichéd at points. The story is trying to do so much, but it’s spread too thin and is weak on a technical level. Add to the fact that the story feels like you came into it halfway through, most of the ideas and characters have been done to death (which wouldn’t be as big of a problem if it was enjoyable), and the fact that nothing was really accomplished besides one thing, and you got yourself just a very mediocre comic.


  • The blue sexbot’s story is sort of interesting.
  • It’s ambitious and it has potential.
  • Poorly plotted, paced, developed, and structured.
  • A lot of the story elements are very generic and clichéd.
  • Does not feel like much happened in general.

The art? Well it’s fine and there’s nothing that’s drawn badly, but that’s it. Becky Cloonan has nothing visually interesting to draw here. Nothing stands out or grabs your attention outside of the scene with the blue robot due to some decent emotion, so the art is kind of wasted.

Is It Good?

No. Even having done more research into the story, listening to the music, and discussing it with fans of the first issue it did not help one bit. It’s a comic with bad pacing and structure, weak characters and ideas (some of which we have seen plenty of times before in the past), wasted potential and art, and ultimately just not that interesting. This could be a good comic, but as it is, it’s not.


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