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Is It Good? Blood Brothers #1 Review

Blood Brothers makes me think of the Iron Maiden song. (Also a Papa Roach song. Look, I was a teenager at one point, leave me alone.)

I like that song. Let’s see if I like Blood Brothers. I ask ye all, is it good?

Blood Brothers #1 (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Mike Gagerman (If he didn’t get into comics, he could have gone into gay porn), and Andrew Waller (he could have gone into construction), with the story by Etan Cohen. The plot is pretty nifty. You got two vampires: Nick, the caucasian vamp, and Tree, the vamp of color. They’ve lived for thousands of years, and now reside in Las Vegas. They’re broke due to Tree’s poor financial decisions throughout the years. They’re now bail bondsman. Guess they’re able to work only at night?

This comic is f-----g hilarious. I was admittedly gearing up for another s----y vampire comic (look at that cover and tell me you didn’t think it’d be a crappy anime-style comic about vampires that master Dance Dance Revolution?!), but I’m happy to report it’s even got a cool mystery surrounding a vase supposedly owned by a very powerful vamp who could control the minds of other vampires. And the back-and-forths between Nick and Tree are, pardon the pun, to die for.

The art of Blood Brothers is by Evan Shaner. It accommodates the writing style well. There was one panel with the best use of onomatopoeia I’ve seen in years, revolving around a bowl of Guacamole shoved in a dude’s face.

The art is a realistic style, and Sean tends to prefer dat. Proportions correct, no beak noses (I have no idea why beaks bother me so much). You look at it and can easily imagine how these things might look if you really went down to Vegas and saw a vampire with an afro, and one in a flannel shirt, kicking ass.


  • Cool plot.
  • Funny as Hell.
  • Art is fun.
  • Not very intimidating vampires.

Is It Good?

Vampires were my first love. At ten I read The Littlest Vampire by Angela Sommer-Bodenburg (I wanted a vampire to come through my window so bad!), and my mom loved those Anne Rice books, so those were always around the house, along with Bram Stoker’s Dracula. You could say vampires have been in my blood for years (rimshot.) So, any time I find something new with vampires in it, a happy reviewer I is.

Blood Brothers is funny, has fun art, and an intriguing plot which could go in some really cool places. Pick it up if you like vampires, laughing, and flashback panels.


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