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Is It Good? Justice League of America #6 Review

After one hell of an action packed start, Part 2 of Trinity War commences in Justice League of America #6. Will this comic keep up the momentum, especially when Jeff Lemire enters in as co-writer for the issue? Is it good?

Justice League of America #6 (DC Comics)

Justice League of America #6 Cover

Avoiding spoilers, this comic is mostly just a breather issue. All of the characters tussle for a bit, but then decide to stop and figure out what just happened in that desert. Also, we get to see the mysterious Question, the last and least focused on member of the Trinity of Sin, as he tries to connect the dots as well.

Because the comic slows down and isn’t as tense, the story this time around isn’t nearly as intense or exciting as the first installment, besides the opening fight scene. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it might feel weird if you read both issues back to back with the sudden change in pacing. Besides that, the story continues just fine, continuing to move along while building up the characters and mysteries. Dialogue and characterization are done well (especially for the Question), though again, Wonder Woman feels a bit… off. Also, I’m glad the heroes decided to stop fighting almost as quickly as they started and just work together to figure out what their next plans were.


The art is by Doug Mahnke this time around and it feels very different than the last artist’s work, especially with the heavier inking. While most of the book is drawn fine, there are some odd bits to it. Occasionally the coloring seems a bit off in some places. It’s hard to explain, but sometimes the colors are brighter even in the same scene and other times a bit blurry (maybe that’s just a digital thing?). Also, unlike Ivan Reis, Doug’s facial expression range isn’t nearly as impressive and a lot of people always seem to have the same look at all times.


  • The writing is pretty solid.
  • The characters don’t fight each other for too long or gratuitously.
  • The Question is great.
  • The art is a bit of a step down from last issue.
  • Things aren’t as exciting as last issue either.
  • Pacing feels a bit off.

Is It Good?

While not as nearly a thrill ride like the first issue, Trinity War continues along pretty smoothly. The mysteries, characters, storyline, and intrigue continue to be enticing and while there is an occasional hiccup, you should definitely be picking this up.




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