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Is It Good? Thanos Rising #4 Review

Thanos be buggin’. We left off last issue with Thanos beginning a brutal wave of mariticide and infanticide. Not so nerdy anymore, is he?

But was the Mad Titan duped into this sordid lifestyle or was he always, well… loco? Thanos Rising #4 seeks to further uncover the answer to this question and more. Is it good?

Thanos Rising #4 (Marvel Comics)


Thanos and his not so merry band of space reprobates are busy “raping and burning” another planet when Thanos has a run-in with one of the natives:

”For you, the day Thanos graced your village was the most important day of your life. But for me, it was Tuesday.”

According to Thanos, this isn’t all his fault. She made him do it. For her insatiable lust, he keeps saying. “It’s never enough.” Who is she, though? Thanos implores the Bib Fortuna looking dude to go into the ship and find out for himself — to ask this she-devil if yet another world ravaged and plundered is finally enough.

This is the native’s response after taking a little peek:


And that’s the overriding theme of Thanos Rising #4: Thanos’ macabre relationship with the one person he has ever truly loved. For those of you familiar with the character, you’ll know exactly who this is and you’ll know that Thanos’ love is a tad unrequited to say the least.

Other than that, not much happens in this issue. We’ve got one issue left and this one is pretty much setting up the return to his home planet of Titan next issue where Thanos will have to face off against his Pa Dukes, A’Lars (who still can’t believe Thanos is batshit crazy) and most certainly his grandfather Kronos, as this panel suggests:

Kronos vs. Thanos? Now that I’ll watch.


  • Twisted, beautiful art by Simone Bianchi.
  • Jason Aaron writes Thanos’ lady friend in a deliciously sinister way.
  • Pieces are in place for a solid final issue.
  • Don’t learn anything new about Thanos.

Is It Good?

It’s decent. Nothing glaringly bad or good. That might be the problem, however, especially with an origin series:

Writer Jason Aaron does a fine job with the characters and explores the reciprocity of the “relationship” between Thanos and his would-be lover but this issue comes across as a little old hat: For a purported origin story, why aren’t we given more insight into why Thanos feels the way he does about his lady friend? Sure, I get it: “He’s trying to impress a girl,” and “You always want what you can’t have,” and [insert aphorism here] but we’ve seen this countless times before — there’s nothing unique disclosed here and for an origin issue I’m hoping for at least a sliver of that.


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