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Back at it again with issue 2 of The X-Files Season 10. This one is called “Believers.” I want to believe this is good, so let’s see…is it good?

The X-Files Season 10 #2 (IDW)

Joe Harris writes with a story by Chris Carter, and for long time X-Files fans, you’re in for a treat. I would say this second issue is when we veer away from casual fans’ understanding of what’s going on. You might be able to follow the comic as an occasional X-Files watcher, but you’ll need to Google some of the characters if you aren’t very familiar with the mythology, major characters, and plot events from the show. For instance, we get to see Agent Doggett. We hear about Scully’s baby that may be alien in nature. And, we learn The Lone Gunmen aren’t dead, but merely faked their deaths.

There is a silly series of panels with Mulder, and all I could think of was…

The art continues to serve its purpose, and I’ve heard likenesses are hard, so bravo on those, as Michael Walsh nails those. It’s not incredible, but it doesn’t take you out of the story. It does its job, and everything with the weird supernatural guys is fun to see.


  • Great story.
  • Fans of The X-Files will be thrilled.
  • Likenesses are good.
  • Art isn’t amazing.
  • If you aren’t a long time fan of the show, you might need to Google some plot stuff.

Is It Good?

Yes, it is good. Good enough that a crotchety X-Files fan likes it, and I’m nitpicky as shit. Yes, those who aren’t fans might have to Google some plot stuff, but you might be able to go through without. I’m not sure, having been an X-Files geek since the show first aired in 1993 20 some years ago (fuck am I old), I have no idea what it’s like to not know about the plot of this show. The art is passing, but yet again it is the story which keeps this proud Mary a burning, rolling down the river of comicy goodness.

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