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Is It Good? Sonic Universe #54 Review

The penultimate issue of Worlds Collide, Archie’s epic crossover between Sega’s Sonic the Hedgehog and Capcom’s Mega Man. In a way, this chapter cemented my worst suspicions about the conclusion of the arc, yet at the same time, it didn’t disappoint me, either. You see, since the start, Worlds Collide has been a by-the-numbers crossover, hitting all the cliches every step of the way. I was desperately hoping writer Ian Flynn would throw in some sort of narrative curveball at the last second, just to shake things up. But nah. Not gonna happen. On the other hand, this entire issue was entirely dedicated to the long-awaited battle: Sonic and Mega Man vs. Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic. And it was pretty rad.

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Sonic Universe #54 (Archie Comics)

So far as Part 11 of Worlds Collide is concerned, Doctors Robotnik and Wily have just about put the finishing touches on their new device, the Egg-Wily Machine X. With it harnessing the power of all seven Chaos Emeralds, they will be able to completely rewrite every aspect of the universe and become gods. Before Sonic and Mega Man can stop them, however, they first have to fight their way through Bass, Treble and Metal Sonic. No easy task, to be certain.

I never made it to the later Mega Man games that introduced Bass, so I’m not quite as familiar with him as I am with Metal Sonic (as I’ve played Sonic CD quite a few times). Still, I know of him and what he represents: An evil counterpart to Mega Man who isn’t as crappy as Copy Robot. Though this entire issue amounted to nothing but one drawn-out fight, it was a really satisfying one. Sonic and Mega Man absolutely have to earn their victory, as Bass and Metal pretty much curb stomp the crap out of them for most of it.

The end of the fight feels especially triumphant, as Mega Man scrolls through all the powers he stole from the Roboticized Masters (basically, the powers of Sonic’s supporting cast) and uses them to take down the two villains. Ben Bates dominates on art during this part of the fight; I especially liked the symbolic images of Sonic’s friends watching as Mega Man uses their powers, staying in character all the while.


  • There’s something so satisfying about seeing Bass wreck Sonic’s s--t.
  • Mega Man using all the powers from Sonic’s friends was really cool.
  • Fun little ride
  • Oh. They’re pulling a Generic DC Comics Crisis shtick. Big whoop.

Is It Good?

Of course, there’s no way around the fact that this was all one big fight and the cliffhanger ending is that (shock and awe) Robotnik and Wily plan to rewrite history and set themselves up as gods. Oh, and they plan to doublecross each other because we’re not doing anything new, here.

But hey, if you can look past the fact that Worlds Collide is following the Crossover Cliche Checklist every step of the way, then you won’t have much to complain about.


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