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Is It Good? Catwoman #22 Review

Alright Catwoman, I’m back and ready for whatever you got. I know you got that mysterious villain called the Joker’s Daughter up your sleeves and frankly, despite myself, I am curious about her. So, what you got for us right now in the meantime? Is it good?

Catwoman #22 (DC Comics)


Catwoman, feeling guilty for getting several people killed by causing a war with the Penguin and dropping a local gang leader (that she barely knows by the way) down a big pit. Deciding to set things right, she decides to descend into Gotham’s underground, where she hopes to find the guy. Meanwhile, lots of things continue build and happen supposedly.

Including Dr. Manhattan’s skinny brother appearing for a page and disappearing again.

I’m not sure what to say about this comic. Things are happening, but the comic cannot seem to balance anything or fully develop something. There are so many plotlines going on in this story and none of them feel interesting because you either feel no connection to the one or two dimensional characters or they are introduced with little to no lead time. Like the whole new storyline of the underground tribes that live below Gotham now and their feuds and politics. This is the first time this story element is popping up (in any Batman book as well) and it feels so poorly introduced that you don’t feel like you get enough information to really care.

Who are you people?! Why is any of this important?!

Getting past that, the usual writing problems continue on with this title. Wonky dialogue (not nearly as bad this time around, but still some cringe worthy lines), sporadic pacing, concepts that leave you asking more questions out of confusion, padding (why did we need the scene with gem maker?), and off characterization of Catwoman. I mean, since when does she not like cats?

Really comic? “Can’t take the heat?” REALLY?!

The art is the only real saving grace to this comic. Its purdy looking and nice, with the action scenes being intense and the emotions expressed well (most of the time). The comic does have its occasional flub (like the questionable body poses that Catwoman does), but nothing it does will distract or take you out of the comic, unlike the writing.

Hey, she actually looks pale now.


  • The artwork is pleasant to look at.
  • Every single damn thing about the writing.

Is It Good?

Nope. Still not seeing it. This comic’s writing is just way too problematic and poorly structured. There are some ideas here that may work, but the comic can’t seem to do so. Just skip this.




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