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Is It Good? Wolverine #7 Review

This series started off with the ambitious “Hunting Season,” a Wolverine story unlike anything we had seen in quite a while. When “Hunting Season” drew to a disappointing finale we were given the second part of the story: “Drowning Logan.” “Drowning Logan” finished up its two issue run last issue with a shocking ending. Wolverine #7 begins “Killable”, a new storyline that promises to be a very different look on what it means to be Wolverine. So, is it good?

Wolverine (2013) #7 (Marvel Comics)


Wolverine is devastated. He has lost his mutant healing factor and is now forced to live like one of us lowly mortals. He is troubled with such perils as shaving and crossing the street. It is important for the author to express how much Logan’s life is changed by this sudden happening, but now that Logan is clearly aware of his condition why the hell would he drink ten beers and not expect to feel just a little sick? Also if he knows that he’s a considerably less formidable fighter than before why would he attack Thor? Even with his healing factor Logan shouldn’t be that headstrong. Thor’s a god for cryin’ out loud!


We find out that yet again the microorganism behind the first two attacks in the previous storylines are in some way attacking Logan. If they were so intent on killing him they might as well just go into the body of someone close to Logan and just up and kill him. Storm is helping Logan (a really interesting dynamic) and the end is surprising, but from it you can get a good idea of what is to come in the next couple of issues.

The writing is solid for the most part. Paul Cornell is not my favorite writer in part because he writes mediocre dialogue. Although the pacing is questionable (one of the scenes in a bar made no sense), Cornell does manage to tell the story well without words. One particular image is when we see Logan among countless other people in the city. He looks no different from the rest of the crowd. I love the symbolism here. Wolverine is now human; he walks among us.


Paul Cornell is very good with the weird so he does a good job with the more science-fiction parts of the book.

The art is nothing spectacular. All of the panels are easy to follow and convey the story — it’s just not my kind of art. Overall, it’s a little too light and colorful for a Wolverine story. Logan is a gritty, badass character. He deserves dark, rainy art.

This series is definitely going downhill but I firmly believe that there is a chance that Paul Cornell can pull it out of mediocrity. I hope that the art changes and that the story gets a heck of a lot more intriguing like the first couple of issues of this series.


  • Sets up the next arc nicely
  • Mediocre in both writing and art
  • Not realistic or intriguing
  • Dialogue stiff at times

Is it Good?

Not really. The creative team only does an OK job of conveying the desired mood and message.





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