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Is It Good? Collider #1 Review

I’ve been waiting on this title for quite some time now, since it was brought up last year. I do not know anything about the writer or artist, but the premise alone got my attention and got me excited. Now that it is finally here and we can all read it, is it good?

Collider #1 (Vertigo Comics)

Laws are meant to be broken and in this world, the laws of physics are the ones being broken. Sometime in the unknown future, physics has gone bonkers and now a new government agency called the Federal Bureau of Physics (FBP) is called in to fix oddball problems. Agent Adam Hardy is one of the members and is called in to handle a localized gravity deficiency (LGD) near a high school.

Look, it’s all fun and games until someone goes flying into space and explodes.

This a decent start for this new series. It introduced the main character and the supporting cast (can’t say we know them too well yet), the idea and what this series will be about, plot elements and interesting storylines for the future, and some good lore already being established. I wasn’t extremely excited or floored by the story, but the ideas and mythology for the current status of the world and what the agents have to deal with is very fascinating. I’m really interested in seeing where this goes and I’m hoping for some more improvements along the way.

The writing for the story is pretty much fine. Decent dialogue, some tiny bits of character so you get at least a basic understanding of what they are like, good pacing even if the issue takes its time during the LGD accident, and an intriguing opening and nifty cliffhanger (I really want to see them deal with this problem). The only issue I have with any of the writing was how after all that tension that Adam had to deal with nearly dying trying to fix the gravity issue, it is easily all fixed off screen. I would have personally liked to see that, but I guess you can’t fit everything into the issue.

The art is very good though, outside of the fact that a lot of people look like they are squinting. Everyone looks different and unique, the locations and settings are nice, and the use of color is really great. The bright color palette especially looks good during the scene when Adam is trying to fix the gravity or on the final page. Nothing too special in regards to the layouts, but that’s no problem.

I did not know gravity with purple and dark pink. Live and learn.


  • Great premise and world.
  • The writing is decent.
  • The art is colorful and vibrant.
  • The characters could be more interesting.
  • Feels like it needs a few more issues to truly get going.

Is It Good?

It is. There is a lot of potential in this first issue with its premise and world it is developing. The characters could use some more work so we can get to know them better, but right now, I’m quite sucked in already. If you are looking for something a bit different, as in government agents fighting the broken laws of physics, this could be for you!



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