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Is It Good? Thumbprint #2 Review

Thumbprint #2. Let’s check it out.

Thumbprint #2 (IDW)

On writing duties is Jason Ciaramella. He continues to do a good job on the adaptation, and has captured the essence of the character of Mallory; her anger, and the hostility she is capable of. It’s quite chilling to see her in flashback roughing up Middle Eastern people. It’s equally disturbing to know her history when seeing her in the present day. Yet, you still feel her fear when she finds a new thumbprint, this time covered in blood, on a piece of paper under the windshield wiper of her truck.

It took me until this second issue to realize that I really don’t have anything wrong with Vic Malhotra’s art style. It’s not my favorite, but it certainly isn’t terrible. I think the issue is the coloring. Everything has this very washed out, pastel look to it. Still, there are some interesting pages. And one transition that was quite good between a truck in the present, and an army Humvee in the past.


  • Great character study.
  • See first hand the grotesque nature of the conflict in the Middle East.
  • Kind of washed out coloring.

Is It Good?

Again, it’s okay. Pretty good in fact. Give it a once over if you enjoy dramas about those who served in the army in the Middle East. Give it a looksie if you want to watch an angry woman trying to cope with rage she has a hard time controlling. The art is okay, but the coloring looks kind of washed out. Though, come to think of it, so did the coloring in the current X-Files issues put out through IDW. But, if you can get past this, you’re in for a good read.


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