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Growing up in the 80’s I always loved What If comics. It was a fun way for no holds barred storytelling to take place. Kill off Spider-Man? Why not! In fact, there were whole issues that seemed to be created simply to kill some characters and give us a chance to see the impossible. I enjoyed the first issue of this miniseries, but how does the final issue wrap things up? More importantly, is it good?

What If? AVX #4 (of 4) (Marvel Comics)

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Writer Jimmy Palmiotti knows what the masses want with an event like this, and that’s piles and piles of bodies. Last issue saw Hope blow Emma to diamond bits, with Magneto fully whispering evils into her ear. This issue opens with the world seemingly coming to an end and Magneto loves it.

White House down!

If you’re looking for multiple murder methods you’ve come to the right place. I won’t spoil too many, but let’s just say Phoenix-Hope takes people out in a variety of ways and they aren’t pretty. In a lot of ways this What If should have been called What If? A+X because the two sides join forces. In fact, the panel below actually shows Cyclops and Cap in a side by side shot to show they are on the same page.

With our powers combined…!

I know for a fact there will be pissed off fans when it comes to this issue. There are certainly some chump deaths for some of these heroes. Obviously if your favorite hero dies from a high fall…well, deal with it. That’s how it is, and there’s only so many pages Palmiotti has to kill these guys off. I was a bit disappointed with some of the more unimaginative ways heroes die, especially considering how powerful the Phoenix is, but for the most part it’s enjoyable across the board.

Smashed head for Nova. No bueno.

Artists Gerardo Sandoval and Jorge Molina continue to do a good job with what they got. The layouts are clear and the pacing is strong. I’m not a huge fan of the Magneto Pheonix design, but you can’t win them all,

I do take umbrage with the way Magneto is portrayed, particularly because he’s been of a less evil bend the last few years. He’s full evil in this series, blindly so, which reads a tad lazy in some sense. You don’t get a rhyme or reason to why he’s completely hellbent on killing the Earth. I guess he’s just sick of it all or something? Or maybe the Phoenix Force is driving his madness. Either way, the series feels like it dropped the ball with Magneto.

The ending, which focuses on Wolverine for the most part, does do the series a bit of justice. There’s an interesting twist and an upturn in happy feels by issues end that’ll make fans of Wolvie happy. It does feel a tad tacked on, especially considering Wolverine hasn’t been at the forefront of this series, but it’s a nice conclusion.

Not so pretty now, are you Psylocke!


  • Lots and lots of deaths
  • Satisfying conclusion
  • Magneto is a blindly evil villain

What If is all about the kills, but also an alternate way of seeing things. We get both in this issue. If Magneto was written a bit stronger I could see this going down as one of the best What If’s, but as it stands it’s a nice elseworlds miniseries worth a look.

Is It Good?

Yes. Happy good fun times indeed, but flip through before purchasing.

  • Cyclops

    Good? Are you insane? How much is Marvel paying you?

    • Kin

      A lot. The story ending is the BIGGEST bullshit I’ve read yet.

      • David Brooke

        It’s like Adam and Eve! It’s so sweet and cute and lovable and huggable!

        I just liked the unconventional ending. And, I think I made the point in my review that this is good for a What If? which is typically mindless fun.

        • TheRaven

          Maybe you’re a guy that loves Wolverine so much to the point that every story he’s in it’s good? To be honest you were right on some points with Magneto being so evil when he was somewhat “redeeming” himself, but other than that the story was terrible. But hey, this is the What If… of AvX, an event that was a complete pile of crap.

    • Patrick Ross

      If Marvel paid any of us a dime, I would be soooo happy.

    • Jordan Richards

      Marvel is so not paying us squat. With my reviews of Avengers, it’s going to stay way for sure.

  • TheRaven

    I disagree, it’s not that good. It’s kind of like a fan made comic, Certainly not worth the money, unless you’re a big Wolverine fan.

    • kin

      Logan’s a girlfriend/wife stealing asshole.

      • TheRaven

        Well I know he’s an asshole, most of the time. I don’t hate Wolverine but sometimes I’ve had enough of him being the one to put an end ot threats such like this.
        I’ve read some What If’s… that were so weird but this one is terrible, so terrible that I laughed so much,

  • Marquelon

    Sorry bro it was bad

  • Trey_C

    This was a terrible book. I expect much more from Palmiotti. It seems like Marvel just pulled this off a fan fiction site.

  • Gin

    I only read comics sporadically. The changes characters go thru is mind boggling. So I didn’t even know where to begin with the main AVX storyline, let alone this What If spinoff. Most folks seemed to hate the ending. I was just elated to see Jean again. She always was my favorite X-Man. Tho I have to give love to Rachel as well. At least the way she was written in the Excalibur series.