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Is It Good? The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #3 Review

Oh no, I’m not giving up on this. I’m seeing this comic to the end. I’ve got to see whether or not this gets any better. So far this miniseries has been just laying down the groundwork, but lacking immensely in characters you care about, clear motivations, and interesting villains. Can it step up with this issue? Is it good?

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Killjoys #3 Cover

So things happen yet again and I’m still left wondering where the hell this comic is going. The chosen girl pals around with a surviving member of the Killjoys, Cola, to learn how to shoot or something. However, that does not seem to go well. Val Velocity and his cronies go around and take out some Scarecrows to get revenge against the evil corporation. Meanwhile, the blue sexbot tries stealing from a vending machine and runs afoul of Grant Morrison and some BLI members.

We are half way through this six issue mini-series and I still feel like we barely progressing our main “hero” (I question hero since she comes off as a one-dimensional prick who seems mostly lost in what the hell she’s supposed to be doing in the story) and desert punks’ (who are also unlikeable) main story. The only storyline that seems to be moving every issue are the sexbots and honestly, they feel like characters. They have worries, concerns, personalities, and beliefs that give them some sort of depth and insight to them. They make an impression, while the rest do not.

Killjoys 3 01
Meet the real star of this comic. What? It’s supposed to be about someone else? Don’t be silly.

Then you’ve got weird dialogue that makes it hard to tell what people are talking about, awkward layouts and confusing placement (love how in one scene there is no cat anywhere next to this girl and then in a panel later, BOOM! Cat in the girl’s hand!), a weak ending (feels like we are missing a page or two at the end due to its weak nature), and underwhelming and underdeveloped villains. I mean, what is BLI’s ultimate goal and what is the point to all of this? Just to rule the world without trouble or profit? Then you have the Morrison lookalike who has been questioning the system and stuff, but I have yet to see a reason for why he would be changing now.

Then we have the art and honestly, it’s still good as always. Good looking emotion, world, characters, the tiny bit of action that is there, use of colors, etc. However, I still maintain that the art is being wasted here outside of the robot subplot (which I’m not even sure how it’s connecting with the main story). It looks good, but the story isn’t really presenting the artist with anything amazing to draw.


  • The blue sexbot’s story is very strong.
  • The artwork is good.
  • Something potentially great on the horizon.
  • Uninteresting and undeveloped characters.
  • Needs to move quicker and get to the point.

Is It Good?

Sadly no. I think there is something exciting or remarkable on the horizon with this whole possible war/revolution between these teens in the desert and BLI, plus the storyline with the robots is actually quite good. However, with just flat heroes and villains, slow progression (you got three more issues, do something!), lackluster dialogue and story structure, and wasting perfectly well-drawn art; the Killjoys comic continues to be fall flat of what it could possibly be. So much potential, but yet mostly a dud.


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