I’d be sorrowful if no one here on AiPT managed to tell you about Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem, Steve Niles’ newest comic. So, that someone is going to be me. Let’s go.

Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem #3 (Dark Horse Comics)

Yes, I totally missed reviewing the first two issues. No, I don’t have a valid excuse. Regardless, I got the most recent one, issue 3! Niles’ script is based off of a story by Niles and Matt Santoro. Breath of Bones: A Tale of the Golem tells the story of a golem that protects a small Jewish stronghold, which includes a young boy named Noah and his grandparents. Noah is our main character. There is also an injured British soldier. Issues #1 and #2 foreshadow the arrival of the golem, and at the end of #2 we get our sweet clay vengeance. Issue #3 finds some Nazis about to get the shit kicked out of them by a giant Hebrew mud man. By this point, the reader is certainly ready for it, because the Nazis, as they are are wont to do, have been total douchebags. This comic has heart to it as well. The theme of standing up for good is championed.

The art by Dave Wachter is cool, especially the golem. The issues are all in black and white, as is this, the third and final issue. Niles has done this with his Frankenstien Alive! series as well. I really dig it. I especially dig it in the golem. Ah, puns. Seriously, this whole comic is golem-kicking-Nazi-ass splash pages and panels. And the golem has no facial features, which makes him extra scary looking.


  • Sweet golem kicking Nazi ass art
  • Awesome looking golem
  • Very brief

Is It Good?

It’s good. Yeah, it’s over quite quickly, and I don’t remember, or perhaps we never find out which country we find ourselves in, but who cares?! You get a giant mud man killing Nazis. And it’s surprisingly emotional considering this could have easily just been campy fun, with no substance. It’s a fast read, so go pick up the series if you’re a fan of throwback, black and white comics with giant monsters.

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