Ghosted; is it good? Well, I’m about to tell you. Let’s get right into it.

Ghosted #2 (Image Comics)

Written by Joshua Williamson, Ghosted tells the story of Jackson T. Williams (The T. stands for “Terrific at getting arrested”) recently sprung from the slammah, who has gathered a team to help an old guy, Markus Shrecken, steal a ghost from the infamous Trask Mansion. Think an R rated comedy heist flick, mixed with a traditional haunted house narrative, i.e. The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson, or Hell House by the late great Richard Matheson. But minus the ghost mayhem, so far.

Williamson has created a fun series, which occasionally has some creepy moments. Issue #1 was just setup, save for the last page (which had a bunch of ghost outlines floating around) but issue #2 also meanders. The end and the beginning have some choice bits, the beginning setting up the bloodthirsty Trask family, and the end, well, you can find out for yourself. Sure, there are spooky moments, but it also seems to be very similar to the first issue in that it’s mainly setting up the team scoping out the house. Not much ghost action. Kind of just them puttering around the place, really. A bit boring. The banter is fun among the team, though.

The art by Goran Sudzuka is decent. Pretty standard. His depiction of ghosts was pretty cool. But, ultimately, I wasn’t very floored. There and gone. Also, those little black boxes with the white, italic font. Yeah, hard as s--t to read.


  • Fun banter among the team
  • Cool looking ghosts.
  • Kind of boring.

Is It Good?

Worth a read, but not a hell of a lot happens. Fun, but I’ve almost immediately forgotten what happened. Still, not a bad way to spend your reading time.