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Is It Good? My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #10 Review

Ponies! Enough said, so let’s get to it as we continue Big Mac’s journey for the ever so elusive nails he needs. Is it good?

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic #10 (IDW Publishing)

Check out our review of issue #9 if you missed it.

So going to the hardware store was a bust (especially after some conveniently poorly aimed rockets wrecked the joint), but that won’t stop Big Mac from getting his damn nails. No, he’s off to find the owner of the place, Lugnut, to see if he himself can hook the stallion up with some nails. However, trouble is still out and about as the festival continues on and he runs into even more odd situations.

Like ending up as in 70’s disco group for a parade. Certainly doesn’t get odder than that.

Like the previous issue, this issue was undeniably funny from start to finish. Not stuff that’ll make you laugh out loud, but lots of things that’ll make chuckle, smile, or giggle possibly. Lots of inside jokes, references, memes, and physical humor, most of which is very well timed and placed. Also, we get a moral and lesson for this brief storyline and it’s pretty good. It’s a bit of a variation on some previous ones, but still very different enough and done with a character who never ends up being involved with these lessons, so it works more.

The artwork also remains just as good as the previous issue, with it having all the sight gags, great character expressions, story flow, and design. I would be essentially repeating myself, but this is really great stuff and really fits the tone of the story. Again, like the last issue, my favorite page was when a pony started fantasizing and daydreaming, which is just different enough from the first one that it doesn’t feel like a retread.

Well, at least the torches are lit. Too bad about that roof though.


  • The humor is still pretty dang funny.
  • The artwork really great all around.
  • A pretty solid moral overall.
  • Still a pretty simple story overall.

Is It Good?

Without a single doubt. This was a great, simple story with tons of great humor for the fans of the show and great looking visuals. With stuff like this issue, My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is proving to be one of the best comics for kids and their families out right now.


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