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Is It Good? Chew #36 Review

Now, I originally discovered Chew after I started reading John Layman’s Detective Comics. After reading the first trade, the series jumped up to being my favorite independent series currently running, even beating out stuff like Saga and The Unwritten. The next arc is about to kick off and now that I’m finally caught up and ready to follow the series on a monthly basis; is it good?

Chew #36 (Image Comics)

This issue is really #29 ½ instead of #36, taking place before that certain…nasty incident that went down. It features Antonelle “Toni” Chu helping out her new sister, Sage. Sage has a weird food eating ability like Toni and Tony that unfortunately gets her in trouble with the wrong guy, so she hopes that Toni can help her out in some way.

If there is one thing I have learned from reading Chew, it’s to never think an issue is not important. What seems to be unimportant or pointless at first ends up playing a part or having an element come back later on to play an important role. As such, I would say this issue seems like filler (great filler by the way) since it does not seem to play a part in the current storyline, but it’s highly unlikely. I believe it is important since it seems to play in the theme of the story arc, “Family Recipes” (emphasis on the family bit), with having a story about two of the members of the Chu family and their relationship with one another, while also establishing Sage’s unnatural ability.

But besides that, this issue was great like the series usually is. Fun and memorable characters, great humor and dialogue, creatively silly, and a simple done-in-one story. Though this issue has a bit of melancholy to it since we and Toni know that this ultimately won’t end well for her soon enough, so can be a bit conflicting with emotions. Despite that though, the issue is still very enjoyable and a lot of fun to read.

The artwork remains its usual vibrant and silly looking self. If you have been reading the series up to this point, the quality remains as great as always, with its unique looking characters and their neat expressions and amusing sight gags. My personal favorite thing is always the background stuff on the posters, signs, and flyers that the artist puts in, with the best one this issue being a Mario reference.

I’m not sure if I approve of these new get-well cards hospitals are putting out.


  • The writing, from its humor to its characters.
  • Toni’s back!
  • The artwork is just as great as always.
  • How exactly will this be important in the grand scheme?
  • Toni’s overall plan…seems questionable.

Is It Good?

Definitely. If you are still following this series (and if you aren’t, then why?), then you’ll surely enjoy this one, especially getting a chance to see Toni in action. Make sure to check this one out.


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