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Is It Good? Codename: Action #1 Review

To be honest, I am kind of flying into this one blind. I honestly did not know about this comic until a week or two ago. However, the fact that Chris Roberson is writing it and he’s a pretty solid writer (having written one of my favorite series of all time, iZombie), got me much more interested in checking this one out. Is it good?

Codename: Action #1 (Dynamite)

Special agents Operator 5 (a legend in super spies) and Operative 1001 (a newbie with plenty of potential, as his superiors put it) are assigned a mission of incredible importance. Someone has been replacing government leaders across the globe with duplicates or clones and is using them to kick start the Cold War into actual fighting, so the agents are assigned to find out who and why this person or group is doing this. Meanwhile other heroes and spies from across the globe are also starting to get pulled into this mess themselves.

The premise itself is interesting, if not overly original

For not knowing much and coming into this series with no knowledge, it won me over. I am interested and intrigued by what was going on in it. The story is set up well, introducing the main characters quickly but still giving us enough to know about them and also introducing the storylines carefully, without making them feel like they are just crammed in there. These ideas and characters are introduced into the story naturally through dialogues and character actions, without bringing everything to an immediate halt like some other series would. On the flip side, the issue itself is mostly just setup and nothing else (some bits of action are added to keep thing lively though).

The premise itself is interesting, though it doesn’t feel overly original in some sense with leaders being replaced by an evil force. However, such a thing can be overlooked if the comic is entertaining or good in general. Thankfully, the comic is both and should be a treat for interested readers.

The art for the book is overall decent. The characters look good with their expressions and interactions, the backgrounds and worlds look lively and not just blank or nonexistent, and the action is pretty neat (love the car chase near the end with the line work and movement). The one thing that kind of stands out to me in a way in the coloring and that it looks very familiar. Seems an awful lot like the same person who colored this comic did Miss Fury as well (though the artist in this case is much better).


  • Promising start with the plot and characters.
  • The art is decent.
  • Mostly just setup.
  • The plot does not feel extremely original.

Is It Good?

Yeah, it is. The plot seems solid with a legitimate threat, there are good character bits, nice looking art, and the writing is overall good. Maybe not the most thrilling issue, but it certainly should hooked the reader in for the next issue. Definitely worth a look.


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