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Is It Good? Infinity #2 Review

Much to my surprise, Infinity wasn’t too bad and neither was the Avengers’ issue that followed it (not sure about the New Avengers one though). Maybe this is a sign that Hickman is finally get his act together and starting to speed things up. If so, then this issue is particular should continue that trend. More importantly, is it good?

Infinity #2 (Marvel Comics)

Infinity #2 Cover

S.W.O.R.D.’s satellite is under attack by Thanos’ forces. Places and heroes are attacked and defeated (naturally off screen since who cares about seeing that?) One of Thanos’ cronies show up at the home of the Inhumans and demands a tribute. And in the space… things happen.

Infinity 2 01
Yeah… but you would be dead and the heroes would have one less troublemaker. You don’t seem to get that do you?

This issue was dull. Things are certainly happening, but most of the time, the comic is just glancing over it or narrating what happens. For example, the whole invasion of Earth by Thanos’ forces… is just glanced over. A couple panel shots of heroes getting attacked, defeated, and putting up a fight and that’s it. X-Men? Completely defeated in one panel! Doctor Strange? Apparently he surrenders or betrays the earth (I’m honestly not sure. It’s extremely vague and unclear outside of the baddies’ winning). A character (who I have never ever seen up to this point and didn’t even know was working for the good guys apparently) does something to a planet and then narration explains what is happening. Don’t know why it is a victory either.

There’s a tiny bit of action towards the end, but that’s really it. It’s all tell and little show, being very wordy and loaded to the brim with exposition. And even with all this dialogue and exposition, it is just so dry and unremarkable. There’s nothing here that stands out or is engaging in what these people are saying. The only time anything stands out is when the comic feebly attempts to make a joke.

Infinity 2 02
Oh you card! Makes me totally forget about the thousands of people who I never heard dying all around you.

As for the rest of the stuff, it’s fine I guess. The characters work as the cardboard cutouts they are (no sense of humanity or characterization), the plot keeps moving, the villains are huge and threatening (Like the Crime Society over in DC, most victories are off screen), and it attempts to be deep and say something. Too bad it is with a character I have never seen before and thus, care nothing about. However, there is one other thing I’m lost on and that’s Thanos’ motivation: What he is after seems to be constantly changing. We’re told one thing in the synopsis in the beginning of the issue and then shown something completely different. So what’s the guy after?

As for the artwork itself? It’s not bad, but certainly not as awesome as the previous artist. I give a lot of credit to the amount of detail and line work the artist puts into it (just look at that last picture), and there’s certainly some awe inspiring images. However, the characters’ expressions are just dull and lackluster, some people look older than they are, people in the background have no faces, the layouts can be confusing, and the action is dull. It’s very static in a way, with no sense of motion or movement to it.

Infinity 2 03
With one exception: this looks badass as hell.


  • Lots of story progression.
  • The villains are legitimate threats.
  • For the most part, the artwork is good.
  • The characters and dialogue/narration is flat and dull.
  • Very little excitement.
  • Artwork has a couple of hiccups and the action often is static.

Is It Good?

It could be, but it’s really lacking. After reading Trinity War and starting on Forever Evil, I’m just not impressed here. Weak dialogue and too much narration, dull storytelling, forgettable characters, and decent to average looking art. I was sure this comic was going to be something, but now? I’m worried as hell that this going to end up turning into the prelude to this event all over again.


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