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Is It Good? The Mocking Dead #1 Review

Parody comics can be good when they’re clever and funny. The problem with these type of comics however when an author tries to infuse too many other conflicting elements or if the parody doesn’t have a good grasp of the source material which its commenting on: things just gets messy. The Mocking Dead is an obvious parody on the popular The Walking Dead series, but can it find success with its farcical nature? Is it good?

The Mocking Dead (Dynamite Comics)


Just like the title suggests, this book is a complete joke. And not in a good way. The plot is non-existent, the jokes aren’t that funny and none of it makes sense. The government has pretty much enlisted a geek who owns a comic-based porn-site to stop the zombie apocalypse. As if the government with people who devote their lives to plan for any kind of attack on the US would need the help of this loser.

It doesn’t stop there. Our geek, Aaron Bunch, is totally disrespectful to everyone in the Pentagon. I mean, if I were whisked away to help with some problem that would get the Pentagon’s attention, the least I would do is introduce myself like a normal person. (Hint hint.)


And the thing that ticks me off the most: it has nothing to do with the Walking Dead. I came into the comic wanting and expecting a parody of one of, if not the greatest zombie stories ever told. This shares absolutely nothing in common with TWD other than the inclusion of zombies.

It’s not all bad though, thank god. The dialogue is good. Although there was nothing especially funny about it I thought Aaron Bunch’s conversation with the agent sent to recruit him, although implausible in nature, was bearable. And the art’s not half-bad either.


  • Art is decent
  • Dialogue is pretty good
  • Plot holes galore
  • Main character isn’t likable
  • Not at all intriuging

Is it Good?


It is a poorly crafted, not very funny, parody filled with plot-holes and draws nothing from its namesake’s inspiration.


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