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Is It Good? Trillium #2 Review

The last issue of Lemire’s new miniseries was very promising and very unique in how it told its story (through the fun of being a flipbook). But now that introductions are all done and we know the characters, where will the story go now? Is it good?

Trillium #2 (Vertigo)

Trillium #2 Cover

Nika, unknown to her, has arrived in the past (1921) by coming out of an ancient temple. William, from that time, has reached the temple himself and both of them have met up with each other. Although they don’t know how to communicate or what the other wants, they try to figure out who exactly the other is.

Trillium 2 00
It’s hard to talk to people when they only speak in periods and dots.

This was a rather peaceful and relaxing issue. Not much happens or goes on, but it’s more about the characters meeting one another and trying to communicate. In that sense, it’s kind of dull and uneventful (at least until the surprises at the end), but it’s very engaging at the same time. The dialogue is simple, but very earthy and it reads just like you might imagine two people who don’t speak the same language to act. It’s hard to explain, but it’s sweet and draws you in.

The art is good here and a bit subtle in the way it goes about things. The coloring for William’s story is more water-colorish and white, while Nika’s side has more solid and flatter coloring. It makes you look at both of their vantage points in a different way. The borders on the outside of the pages are color coated as well, with William being blue and Nika being reddish orange. Later on, when they discover the Trillium, the colors blend together and borders disappear. Very nice touch. Throw in some great character expressions that help sell these characters and their interactions, and it is a great looking book.


  • Very simple, yet very engaging.
  • The dialogue and interactions between the characters is great.
  • The art is very beautiful, from the obvious to subtle touches.
  • Story progression? What’s that?

Is It Good?

It certainly is. There is not much going on with the story this time around, but it’s more about the characters getting to know one another and just talking (despite not knowing what the other is saying). However, it really pulls you in and feels pretty necessary overall to the plot. Definitely worth a look.


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