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Is It Good? X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 Review

Finally the X-Men event all of Marvel NOW! has been leading up to: Battle of the Atom. With ads showing three generations of X-Men coming together in this series fans were counting down the days until the release date. I had only the highest expectations for this crossover; with an all-star cast of X-Men, writers and artists what could go wrong? Is it good?

X-Men: Battle of the Atom #1 (Marvel Comics)


This is the start of something very big; the whole X-Universe will be changed forever. You couldn’t tell from the beginning though; this issue starts like countless other X-Men issues. The Original X-Men have gone with Kitty Pryde to find and save a new mutant located by Cerebra. While in the process of subduing this rogue mutie they run into some big bad Sentinels.


While the fight isn’t more thrilling than any other, something tragic happens that gives today’s X-Men a wake-up call. Wolverine and his co-teachers come to their senses and realize that it’s finally time for the Original 5 (O5) to return to their time.


Well isn’t that a bummer? The O5’s vacation is cut short, but like Logan said “you knew it was comin’” And just as the Original X-Men are about to leave for their own time the time platform starts working and another group of X-Men come out of the time box. Woah.


Brian Michael Bendis knows how to craft a story, no doubt about that. The fact that this is a pretty ambitious start doesn’t worry me at all because I know he will handle it well, especially considering he writes 60% of the issues in this crossover. What I love about the way he’s starting this off: a good balance between all sides of the conflict. The All-New aren’t the only X-Team that gets attention in this issue. The Uncanny X-Men share the spotlight and are written in a very interesting fashion.

The art is great. Frank Cho is a super talented guy and although it takes away from the length of the actual issue the art gallery in the back is really cool.


  • Ambitious, great start
  • Wonderful art
  • Great balance between X-Teams
  • Yet another Sentinel battle

Is It Good?

Yes. Solid start and all things are looking up. Hopefully the other writers can handle their parts with aplomb like Bendis and Cho did with this issue.


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