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Is It Good? Ghosted #3 Review

I remember hearing about this comic a week or so before it was released and the premise instantly had my attention. A bunch of people trying to capture a ghost in a haunted mansion for a crazy old billionaire? Sounded like my kind of story and happily, I enjoyed the first two issues quite a bit, even though they were just set up. Will the comic continue on that track or will the pace start picking up? Is it good?

Ghosted #3 (Image Comics)

Ghosted #3 Cover

Jackson Winters and his crew continue setting up and working out a plan to capture their ghost, while we get a hint of why exactly Winters was hired by Markus. As the team gets set up, the ghost activity starts heating up and trouble begins to befall our cast. Plus, the first member of the team kicks the bucket.

Like last issue, this one was just setup and buildup for the most part. Sure, we get some more background on Jackson, but it’s more of the same for most of the issue. Thankfully though, like I mentioned, things start heating up and the ghosts start making their appearance with the main characters. It makes the issue just a bit more exciting and interesting, while also promising us that exciting things are about to happen next issue.


Other than that, the rest of the issue works fine overall. I do wish for some more background on the other characters, like knowing what that psychic or skeptic’s history is overall, but perhaps we’ll get more later on. I also would like to note that with the way this story is paced and how much is going on every issue, I would say this story might be best read in a trade collection or with a bunch of issues all at once to get the most out of it.

The art for the book is pretty decent. The ghosts look neat, the characters all look different and unique (though one or two tend to have the same facial features); the coloring works very well in certain panels, especially that certain page towards the end; and there are a couple of memorable images in the book. It’s good stuff in general for a book like this.


  • Finally some ghost thrills and chills this time around.
  • All of the writing is competent and engaging.
  • The art works and fits well with the story.
  • Still lots of setup.
  • Story unfolding very slowly.
  • Not much characterization going on.

Is It Good?

It is. Like in the last issue, it’s basically setup, though with a bit of excitement about halfway through. There are things I would like see, like more character depth or chills, as the story is still slowly moving. I am still interested however in seeing where this goes. It’s worth a look, but only if you are alright with a slow burn.


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