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Is It Good? Hit List #1 Review

My last experience with Zenescope was not a good one. I started Grimm Fairy Tales: No Tomorrow and couldn’t even bring myself to finish it. But I’m not one to be biased and I decided to give another Zenescope title a chance: A classic tale with a modern, action/drama twist called Hit List. Is It Good?

Hit List #1 (Zenescope Entertainment)


The first thing that got me a little on edge was the overly-sexy cover. Sure, it’s nothing too crazy, but I am really against women in comic books being only eye-candy and sex figures. It is both degrading to women and makes them jealous of these perfect looking characters and sets a false example for men that all women should look this way. I was even more displeased to find that in the very first scene a woman is getting treated like trash by her boyfriend. Fortunately his brains are splattered all across the street in no time. But then his assassinator turns right around and shoots the girlfriend.

Pretty lame.

I’m not going to take any time going through the rest of the story because I can sum it up quite easily. We meet a bunch of hitmen and women and learn that they’re trying to take down a crime gang. Blood is shed, lives are lost and saved and a guy misses his son’s big game.

Who says chivalry is dead?

Although the plot is really simple and not sophisticated, some of the writing is actually really good. A series of coded text messages are really clever and a nice touch. Also, author Ralph Tedesco crafts a nicely written conversation between an ex-con and his attorney. I couldn’t really say I understand where this is going to go for five issues but I’m excited to find out. Even though the comic doesn’t end on a cliffhanger I am looking forward to issue #2.


  • Decent writing at times
  • Women are both mistreated and egregiously sexualized
  • Plot is kind of non-existent

Is it Good?

Meh. It’s not quality stuff but it’s kind of fun and entertaining.




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