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Is It Good? My Little Pony Micro-Series #8 Review

Time to put a smile on your face, because it’s that time again. Pony time! This time, we get an issue focusing on the big kahuna herself, Celestia! Oh what adventure awaits us with her today as we find the answer to: is it good?

My Little Pony Micro-Series #8: Celestia (IDW)

My Little Pony Micro-Series #8 Cover

Every year, the School for Gifted Unicorns has its Royal High Tea event, hosted at Canterlot Castle and under the watchful eye of Princess/Queen Celestia (she might as well be a queen, what’s holding her back?). The event is meant to bring parents, students, and teachers all closer together; but with snooty parents, jerkish kids, teachers with just as mean attitudes (except for one), and out of control spells, that might not exactly happen. In fact, the students might not even come next year due to the competency of the most senior staff member, Inkwell. What’s poor Celestia to do?

My Little Pony Micro-Series 08 01
You three cut that out or she’ll turn you into ducks and then we’ll see whose laughing!

I would say that this issue was pretty decent overall. The story is simple enough, but the whole idea actually does feel like it could happen in some sense (in the way presented of course) and makes it a bit more real.

The overall solution to this problem is nice and sweet, but I’m not sure if this proves that Inkwell is competent enough to continue. The humor is good and can make one smile a couple of times. However, what I like the most about the comic is Celestia herself. She comes off as kind, nice, understanding, but also human (as much as an alicorn can be human) with her concerns and dealing with others. You really come away from this issue knowing why everyone in Equestria loves her.

Though one thing that really stood out to me was a mysterious flashback. It showed Canterlot being attacked by an evil force that was shown in shadows that was even giving Celestia a run for her money. I honestly want to know more about this! I highly doubt we’ll get more details, but dammit, now I’m curious!

The art is good looking, par for this series, even if there is a new artist every issue. It has a good sense of matching the look of the show, good use of colors, nice bits of background jokes, and more. However, what I really liked the most was the flashback and moodier coloring done for them. Looked nice and pulled me more into that scene.

My Little Pony Micro-Series 08 02
So on another Earth, Ron is afraid of pastries instead of spiders? Good to know.


  • Great characterization for Celestia.
  • A very sweet story with good humor.
  • Very good art.
  • Resolution doesn’t completely solve things and is a bit too simple.
  • Hard to believe every pony’s opinion just changes at the end.

Is It Good?

Certainly. Celestia’s issue was a very nice and sweet story with solid art and plenty of smiles to be had. If you weren’t a fan of Celestia before from just watching the show, give this issue a whirl.


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