We are past the half-way point of this mini-series and I’m still left shaking my head in disappointment. Outside of the side story with the robots, the main course has been nothing but slow progression, weak to unlikeable characters, and great artwork wasted away. However, things seem to be looking up as we enter the second half and the promise of excitement in the air. Is it good?

The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys #4 (Dark Horse Comics)

Killjoys #4 Cover

The sexbots, Blue and Red, make a break for it to escape Battery City and leave it behind, hoping to die outside on their own terms. The girl decides to team up with Val and his crazy posse in hopes to destroy the BLI. Then Grant Morrison appears and stuff happens with him. And while all of this is going on, I’m just left shrugging.

Once again, the story with the androids is good. There’s good character stuff, it’s touching, and the ultimate end for them in this issue is quite sad. I’m not sure what the hell happened with Red when she explodes, but it was still sad and emotional. Can’t say the same thing about the rest of the characters and their stories.

I want more of this comic. Characters I actually want to read about.

The girl’s story is just kind of boring. While she isn’t as unlikeable here as she was in previous issues (thank you Val for sucking out the unlike ability and taking it for yourself), she’s just kind of dull. There’s really not much to her as a character outside of wanting revenge and to take out the BLI for everything they did. And at the end of the issue, nothing is really accomplished for her, outside of deciding that joining with Val was a bad idea. Though I am confused why she got so teary eyed over the DJ dying. Was there some off-screen bonding that I’m unaware of?

What about the rest of the cast? Well, Val is surely more interesting this time around, but that’s because he’s so frickin’ insane and paranoid now. In fact, he is the villain of the story as far as I’m concerned after he kills the DJ (who we barely know anything about). He’s much more interesting and compelling as a villain than BLI, who are just your generic and dull evil corporation/empire that runs everything. BLI are so cliché villains that their leader makes a speech about why love is so terrible and it should be purged from members of her organization . My god is that just silly.

Killjoys 04 02
I’m so glad we are following such likeable characters throughout the comic.

The rest of the stuff continues on the normal trend the mini-series as. The dialogue is lackluster and silly (with the only really emotion or intensity coming from the androids’ story) and the story is still slow. It’s been taking its sweet time pushing the story forward andjumping back and forth to different people all the time, and it continues to tease that something exciting will actually happen. There’s just really no sense of improvement.

The artwork by Becky Cloonan is good as usual. Happily, unlike previous issues, she does occasionally have some neat to draw and show why her art is great. The stuff with the sexbots looks good and there are a couple of neat looking panels. Bonus points to the colorist on this for really making a bunch of scenes stand out as well.


  • The story with the androids is very emotional.
  • Val is actually good as a villain.
  • The artwork all around is good.
  • The main character and story are dull.
  • BLI are not interesting or compelling.
  • Writing and dialogue is pretty lacking.

Is It Good?

Not really. It’s still stuck in the same old loop it always is. The main story and character is dull, the main villains are clichéd and are seen all the time, the art is good but not often given anything neat to show, and the only really good portions involve the sexbots. We are two thirds of the way through this and I’m just left wondering when the hell this book will actually pick up.

About The Author

Jordan Richards

Jordan has been writing for a long time now, starting off with bad fan fiction and then moving up movie reviews on his spare time since high school. Jumping into the comic book world with DC 52 reboot and Marvel Now, he has upgraded and moved towards writing short, catchy reaction comic book reviews. He currently hopes to become a video game programmer sometime in the future and continue to improve his writing. You can check out his personal blog at The Information Geek.

  • Wout Mattens

    man, you don’t get it

  • Wout Mattens

    and who said u there were even villains, or what team are the villains?

    • Jordan Richards

      Are you saying that there wasn’t villains in this story (I’m a bit confused by how worded that statement), because there definitely bad guys in the story. The BLI, despite my negativity towards them, are villains (I mean, did you not see that speech the evil lady made about love?).
      I said Val was a villain because he sort of is (or anti-villain if you will). He is extremely paranoid and growing unstable by the issue, violent and vicious towards people he suspects are traitors, he murders people without a second thought (like that guy tied up that the girl tried to stop him from shooting at), and he takes a certain amount of joy in killing (I mean, did you see his expression at the end of this issue?). Well his intentions to kill and destroy the BLI maybe good, he’s still a villain.