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Scarecrow gets a shot at Villains Month and you’d think we’d peer into his past. That’s the whole point of these right? To learn about the characters? How’s his past then, is it good?

Detective Comics (2011-) #23.3 (DC Comics)

This issue has nothing to do with Scarecrow’s past, but focuses more on setting up the Forever Evil storyline. The issue is basically Scarecrow strolling through Gotham, running into Batman’s rogues gallery, and chatting up the villains. The best part of this comic is how writer Peter Tomasi showcases how these villains perceive themselves.

Sure there are long winded conversations between these villains, but it’s neat to get their perspective on their villainy. Of course, not all of them actually believe they themselves are the bad guy, which makes for interesting storytelling. Unfortunately, the way this comic is delivered leaves much to be desired.

Don’t bump your head on the word bubbles!

There’s some hokey lines in this issue, but the problem I’m having is the insane amount of dialogue. This is a comic book people, a visual medium, please don’t make it into a radio teleplay!


Make it stop.

The art by Szymon Kudranski is strong, when you can see it. The bubbles take so much real estate I’m not sure they needed Kudranski’s dark moody style at all. There are a few splashes, but they come so late in the comic you’ll be either bored to death or tired of all the dialogue.

Ho ho ho!

And on and on and on…


  • It looks good…when you can see what’s going on
  • The idea of jumping into the villains heads is appreciated
  • It reads like one long exposition heavy drag.

Is It Good?

I honestly love what Peter Tomasi is attempting to do here, but it’s done all wrong for the medium. There’s no balance or pace. Just words upon words upon words, that beat you down to the point where you’re not even sure if you should care. It’s also neat to see all the villains displayed, but I was expecting more about Scarecrow and less a prelude to the next DC event.

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  • Sam Roche

    Wait a sec. You didn’t expect a DC comic to be setting up for the next event?

    • David Brooke

      The last villain book I read didn’t!

  • Jordan Richards

    Hmm… maybe I should have reviewed this and you could have had that sweet Clayface issue.

    • David Brooke

      Ok, let’s get into our time machine and GO!