Take one pistol-slinging fallen angel.

Throw in a pack of slavering Mafioso werewolves.

Sprinkle suggestively with three teenage witches in skimpy mini-skirts. (Sans Sabrina.)

Toss in a New Orleans melting pot and stir ’em real good. Whaddya got?

No, not the recipe for talking dirty to Stephanie Meyer. (Or the sales pitch for a new History Channel TV show.) Even better. Kiss Me, Satan!, a new series from Dark Horse Comics that writer Victor Gischler describes as, “… a pulp action ride with supernatural horror trappings.”

The right ingredients don’t always guarantee a good gumbo though. Kiss Me, Satan: is it good?

Kiss Me, Satan! #1 (Dark Horse Comics)


The following was taken from a wiretap recording of Anthony “Fat Gooch” Frogarelli, known organized crime figure:

Cassian Steele. He’s head of that New Orleans crime family “The Pack.” You probably heard of ‘em. ‘Cept these pricks ain’t just mobsters. They’re friggin’ werewolves on top of being made. I’ll let you wrap your little misshapen melon around that for a second.

… You good? We ain’t talkin’ cupcakes or Pound Puppies for that matter either. What I’m sayin’ is, you get tangled up on the wrong end of The Pack’s leash? Fuhgedda ’bout it. How’s that old saying go, “You lie down with dogs…”?

Anyway, so Cassian, wolfman’s feeling a little hot under the collar. Turns out some clairvoyant old witch named Veronica made a little premonition about his baby boy and now he wants those two-bit hocus pocus hussies whacked, every last one of ‘em and they ain’t about to skip out or get any free passes outta this one, see?


‘Cept now there’s some screwy lookin’ bald hard-on running around. Barnabus Black. Dope wearin’ a leather hoody with a goofy gold chain ‘round his pencil neck poppin’ off silver bullets and interferin’ with the boss’ plans by playing bodyguard to the witch broads. And the boss don’t like it when his plans get interfered with, ‘specially by some lousy mug.


‘Lotta heads sayin’ the guy’s a fallen angel or somethin’ but I know better. Guy’s a lot tougher than he thinks he is. ‘Course, not much we know about him to tell you the truth, though I’m sure Gischler will have plenty to sing about the guy in upcoming issues.

Artist Juan Ferreyra, guy’s already been killing it in Colder, and he doesn’t slack none for this debut issue of Kiss Me, Satan! neither. His stuff’s good. Real good. The look and feel of the art really pulls you in. Like you’re living in some twisted cartoon version of a film noir. And when he does menacing shots of the werewolves all snarling and looking like they’re gonna tear a guy’s head off or choreographed gun fight scenes, they’re all pulled off with consummate skill. Real professional that guy.



  • Great artwork and monster design.
  • Great use of color, atmospheric New Orleans setting.
  • Werewolf mobsters.
  • Not much revealed about the protagonist, but I’m sure that’s to come.

Is It Good?

Yeah. So far so good. Wish we knew more about this Barnabus mook, but like I said, Cassian’ll get the dirt on that two-bit son of a b---h.

And you ain’t heard none of this from me, by the way. I ain’t some lousy rat. Capisce?