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And now for the next thing that Charles Soule is writing this month, Swamp Thing! This time, we get to check in what happened to Arcane after the events of Rotworld. Is it good?

Swamp Thing #23.1 (DC Comics)

Anton Arcane has been away into his own personal hell, a land where nothing ever decays or rots. So he is completely powerless and is nothing more than skin and bones. However, Abby, the new Avatar of the Rot, decides to pay him a visit in hopes of finding an answer. An answer to whatever happened to her mother.

Also, Abby still looks awesome after all these months.

This is a very straightforward story, with it mostly being Anton and Abby talking about the past and trying to get to the truth of things. In a way, there is nothing much to see here in a sense. On the other hand, it is a very engaging little story that gives some more background both characters’ pasts and also seems to set up two plotlines for future stories. I won’t say what they are (that would be telling), but as a fan of Swamp Thing, I am very intrigued in seeing where this goes and others will be as well.

Outside of that, everything else is just fine. The thing is that the story is just simply the characters talking with each other and nothing else, but the dialogue and narration is excellent. You really get engaged and sucked in as the characters reveal their secrets and past, making you want to know what happens next in their backstory. I honestly felt a bit sad when it was all over, still wanting to get more details.

Tell me more about the Swamp Thing with boobs.


  • Anton and Abby Arcane are great here.
  • he flashbacks and dialogues are extremely engaging.
  • The artwork is absolutely beautiful.
  • There really isn’t much here in terms of story.

The artwork here is just fantastic all around. The characters look great (even if Anton has always been on the bland side) and really stand out, the color is just gorgeous with the tones and shades it uses (love color in Abby’s memories for instance), and inking really helps everything pop. There’s just nothing here to complain about.

Is It Good?

Swamp Thing‘s villain issue was very good. The story is very simple in premise, but makes up for it with great dialogue and engaging characters. If you haven’t been reading Swamp Thing, or stopped after Scott Snyder ended his run, grab this and see if you are interested in coming back.

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