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Is It Good? Superman #23.4: Featuring Parasite Review

Villains Month has been hit or miss for me. From every five throwaway Bane stories, there’s one Cheetah story that satisfies as a self-contained story. Some of these are clearly written more as prequels to Forever Evil, others just seem half baked because they were rushed into production. I did notice however, that Parasite’s creator, Aaron Kuder, wrote and drew the book. That usually spells a much more thorough self-contained story with a clear vision. With only one creator with their hands in the honeypot, maybe creative genius can work, and if so, is it good?

Superman #23.4: Featuring Parasite (DC Comics)

The issue opens with Parasite standing on the edge of a building, seemingly to commit suicide, as his hunger is so painful he’d rather be dead. This sets up the place he’s at mentally as he narrates how he came to become the monster we know and love. The story then recounts how he was turned, who he was before he became a super villain and his first interaction with Superman. If that list doesn’t get you pumped, then you haven’t been reading Villains Month. I say that because this story contains many things most of them fail to contain, especially the hero whose name adorns the cover. Supes makes an appearance, and that’s saying a lot when most of these books barely feature their respective hero.

Cool effect with the dashed lines.

Kuder frames Parasite as a victim in many ways, particularly because he was an average, hard working bicycle courier before any of the Parasite stuff took hold. The fact that Kuder makes this courier job look interesting and fun says a lot, largely thanks to his art punching things up and making it look that way. He also imbues humor wherever he can, which might dumb down the tragic story that unfolds here, but helps keep things fresh and fun.

Very disgusting, and also slightly similar looking to the white monster in X-Files.

The narration keeps things flowing nicely too. Basically the pace is perfect, cutting between events in Parasite’s life, revealing interesting details of his creation, and touching on how he’s basically an addict for energy. By story’s end you’ll wish the guy got help more than punishment. It’s pretty clear Kudor went hog wild with the layouts too, as they’re always progressing the story, looking interesting and are at times straight up compelling. There’s one page in particular where as Parasite is falling to his death, he recounts snapshot, single-panel events that lead him from average monster to villainous creton. It’s an exciting bit of comic book artistry, partly because it’s reminiscent of a roll of film, but also because it’s an efficient way to recount events.

Delicious, I wonder if Superman gets that a lot.


  • Looks fantastic
  • Good balance of story and action with a well rounded story by issue’s end
  • Due to page length is sadly shorter than it should be

Is It Good?

Fantastic stuff here. I’d say anyone even partially interested in Parasite should give this one a look. The story is fun, interesting, contains a battle with Superman and makes the character relatable. If we were in his position wouldn’t we do the same? I think yes, but you better read this here comic to see if you agree!


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