Codename: Action had a pretty decent opening and got me interested in seeing where this miniseries would go. However, having read past miniseries and event comics, just because one has a good start, doesn’t mean this will carry on through the rest of the story. Will our comic be able to keep this momentum? Is it good?

Codename: Action #2 (Dynamite)

After surviving an attack on their life, senior Operative 5 and newbie 1001 decide to play dead and work under the radar to determine who is replacing all the leaders across the globe with clones. Meanwhile, other characters are starting to take notice of all the events going on around them, including the female agents in Paris and the Green Hornet & Kato. Things are heating up even more than before.

This is a quick paced issue that doesn’t leave a scene wasted. Every scene is about building plot and moving the characters forward and I rather like it. The pacing and thrill really gets you into the story as the plot and danger builds, while also having some great moments. A personal favorite thing I like about this comic is that all the characters do not act dumb at all. For instance, the female agents question their orders instantly and suspect something is up due to the nature of them. Some other stories might just have the characters do what they are told and then discover what they did was wrong, but not here. They come off as smart and cunning.

This one managed to maintain its quality and stay as engaging as the first issue

The only downside to this quick pace and all-plot style is there is not much in terms of character development. Sure, you do have an understanding of who people are and why they do things, but you don’t know their backstories or history outside of vague hints. You like them, but you don’t feel fully attached to them. You probably would need to read the comics they star in to get the most out of them in that department.

The artwork is overall decent. Basically all of the things look good, from the characters to the small bit of action. The only thing that seemed weird was how burly one of the action panels was. It was Green Hornet and Kato punching out some thugs and it looked like one of poorly made 3D effects from a comic cover, like Final Crisis: Superman Beyond.


  • Great, engaging story.
  • Very fast and not decompressed at all.
  • Good artwork.
  • Not much in the way of character development.

Is It Good?

It was. While other miniseries or events took a bit of a dip in quality after their first issue, this one managed to maintain its quality and stay as engaging as the first issue. Codename: Action is a great little story and if it keeps up this, it could be one of the better unrated miniseries this year.