It’s been a while since I reviewed this comic. I have been continuing to read it, of course, and enjoying it. Now, we reached the ending to the first arc. Does it end with a bang? Is it good?

Lazarus #4 (Image Comics)

Forever Carlyle and Joacquim are attacked by Jonah and Johanna Carlyle’s forces, preparing to take them both out to protect themselves from their Family’s wrath. After all, it was determined that Jonah was the traitor and it was only a matter of time before Forever tried to kill him. However, are his forces strong enough to actually take out two Lazarus, even with a missile strike?

Let me put it this way: Even with this much damage, it won’t be enough a handicap for the goons.

To put it simply, this was a badass finale. Most of this comic is just one long brutal and epic action scene as the Lazarus fight back. The other stuff is seeing what is happening with the other Family members as they see the scene through different means and ultimately, the aftermath of this all. This issue sped by very quickly, but it still did quite a lot and established a lot of character moments, especially with Johanna. It was a great balance of character, story, and action all at once.

The rest of the writing was just as strong. The dialogue was good and informative, had great pacing and flow, great opening and great ending, great twists, and it left you with a desire to see more. I do think there is a certain lack of emotional impact to make this even better, but this still was a great way to end the first arc and left me excited to buy the trade later on.

The artwork remains just as good as always. The action looks amazing and flows incredibly well, all of the characters look unique and different, the tone is pitch perfect with the inking and coloring, and more. The only downside can be the coloring at points. Since when does sky and also other humans look purple?

I never knew the sky was made of grape juice.


  • Fantastic finale for the arc.
  • Great action and good looking art.
  • Kind of emotionally lacking.
  • Odd coloring choices.

Is It Good?

I will admit that I was a bit ho-hum on the middle issues when they got slower, but this one sealed it. This is a comic to read right now. It’s probably one of the best Image Comics to come out all year long and you should not be missing out on it.