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Is It Good? Swamp Thing #24 Review

When Scott Snyder left Swamp Thing, Charles Soule had the unenviable task of filling his shoes. In the short time he has been on it, Soule has managed to not only keep the book has amazing as it was, but even go beyond that in some people’s eyes. With this issues, things are about get even bigger as we find out more about our new villain. Is it good?

Swamp Thing #24 (DC Comics)

After tracking Seeder and the mess or paradise he leaves behind for several issues, Swamp Thing finally gets to meet the man himself. We learn who he is and why he has these powers to begin with. The question is, is Swamp Thing ready for this?

Soule has managed to not only keep pace with Snyder’s quality, but even go beyond that

I really cannot talk about this issue much. The big reveal comes less than halfway through the comic and the rest of the issue is based off that reveal and what it means. I can say there is a fight between the characters, but I cannot say anymore or even use any pictures in this review. Trust me, if you have been enjoying this run up until now, you’ll like this surprise and be excited by the possibilities presented by the ending. The ending does feel a bit familiar to another comic’s recent arc ending (you’ll know which if you are reading it), but I’m still in.

The rest of the comic that I can talk about is good. We have solid characterization, we learn why Seeder is doing what he is doing and we understand his motivations, good exchanges and dialogue bits, there’s good pacing and story flow, and plenty of things happened this issue. While the issue can be simply summed up as learning Seeder’s true identity and what he has planned now, there is still tons of story here. It’s really good.

The artwork is not by Kano or Jesus Saiz, the current series regulars, but by Andrei Bressan instead. While the art style is not as gorgeous as either of them and the colorist doesn’t bring the same beauty in the colors as Swamp Thing #23.1, it’s still a very well drawn. The locations, the characters, action, the movement, and use of color regardless is still great. Definitely a great looking book through and through.


  • The surprises are really great here.
  • Good characters and writing all around.
  • A very solid tie-in to Forever Evil.
  • The art is very well done.
  • The ending is a tad bit familiar to another comic now.
  • Capucine still needs some fleshing out.

Is It Good?

This was a great issue and rewards both fans of this run and the previous run for their investment in the series. The issue was full of surprise and really leaves you with a desire to see more. Swamp Thing is surely one of DC’s best comics right now.


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