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Is It Good? The Reason for Dragons #1 Review

If you’re a fan of comics and renaissance faires, there’s absolutely no reason to read this review. Go buy this book. Everyone else? Get in line, it’s time to read a goddamned review, ya heard?

The Reason for Dragons #1 (Archaia)

This jam is written by Chris Northrop and drawn by art by Jeff Stokely who is simply killing it on Six Gun Gorilla. What we have here is a story about a boy who has lost his father, and his stepfather is a bit of a tough douche whose head is in the right place but his temper fuels the call to action. The boy runs off only to run into bullies, a different form of what he faced at home. They ask him to steal a brochure from King Richards Faire, a dilapidated renaissance venue that’s no longer running. There he meets a stranger and the adventure is off!

Look at the color in this shot. Beautiful.

Northrop conquers the dialogue and paces things out just well enough to pique your interest but also get the ball rolling. That isn’t to say I don’t wish there were another five pages to further the story a bit more, but for what it’s worth the story feels genuine and honest. That’s particularly important in a story that’s set in the real world where, possibly, magical things will soon happen.

Bullies. Who doesn’t love them?

Stokely nails the atmosphere of the fall season, with some great help from Andrew Elder and Chris Northrop’s excellent colors. Everything is very cool and crisp. The design of the characters helps too though, as their expressions and characters overflow through the way they are dressed and their faces.



  • If you like autumn this book will make you swoon
  • Feels a bit decompressed

Is It Good?

It sure is. The comic captures the mood and atmosphere of fall with a promise of a potentially endearing story. It’s capped off with a boy who needs a friend and may have met a strange man who needs one too. Great comics all around.


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