Jeff Lemire’s Trillium is a comic that has surprised me.

Even when it doesn’t do much for a single issue, a big pet peeve of mine, it still feels so engaging and interesting that I forget all about that. Now that the characters have met with one another, it’s time to see where the comic goes next. Is it good?

Trillium #3 (Vertigo)

Trillium #3 Cover

Nika had returned back to her time period to discover the Caul is about to invade her universe. The only solution to save humanity is that her government is going to attack and wipe out the aliens with the Trillium in order to take it. Meanwhile in the past, William’s brother returns, having survived the hostile natives. William tries to tell him about the girl and everything, but his brother doesn’t believe it.

Last issue was about having the main characters meet and interact with each other. While I enjoyed it, the plot really didn’t advance until the final pages. This time around, the plot is back on track and moving quickly, for Nika’s story at least. William’s storyline is still a bit slow going since not much happens in it, but it’s still engaging. These are still likeable characters through and through and even if the other characters in their stories aren’t necessarily with them, you still under their motivations. For example, while Nika’s friends may want to get the Trillium at any cost, you get why and understand why they would do something this crude.


The rest of the writing is solid as always with its good dialogue to its solid pacing. However, the artwork is one of the biggest stars here. Like the first issue, it has a flipbook style where one part of the story is right side up and the other is upside down, while both stories have a different coloring style to them. However, both these elements and stories come and blend together extremely well in the final pages. It’s hard to explain without spoiling it, but it looks fantastic.


  • Lemire’s story is strong and really pulls you in.
  • The characters are very well defined and human.
  • The art is beautiful.
  • Goes by very quickly.
  • Not much happens with William’s story.

Is It Good?

It certainly is. I find it difficult to really discuss it or go into much detail about the comic like I usually do, but that’s because I feel that explaining it wouldn’t do the comic justice. You need to read this series to get the most out of it. It’s a wonderful tale of great characters, beautiful artwork, and inventive storytelling. Trillium is certainly something to be reading.