October is upon us, and so is the new series, Bee Vixens from Mars! Is it good? Let’s take this in and see just how full of T & A and blood it truly is.

Grindhouse #1: Bee Vixens from Mars (Dark Horse Comics)

Written by Alex De Campi, Grindhouse: Bee Vixens from Mars is a raunchy exploitative ride through a land of eye patch-wearing cops with big boobs, and a sheriff with a wife with big boobs, whose friend also has big boobs. It’s… all very boob-centric. Still, though it is a simple story of a dude and his wife — his two wives? …His wife and her friend? Whatever…of a cop and the ladies who happen to make out in his house. He works with a bad-ass cop with an eye-patch too. I want this guy’s life, man. Well, sorta. But, yes, the writing is very fun.

Chris Peterson’s art is very boob-tastic. Also, he draws an awesome couple of gory pictures. And the first page really rubs you the right way:


  • Crazy bloody madness, and lots of bees.
  • The attention to detail on the bossoms.
  • Just a minor impression.

Is It Good?

It’s fun, but much like a grindhouse flick, not a ton of substance to be found. Except honey. And huge boobs. Did I mention the huge boobs?