Amy (AKA Thunderbolt) from Australia gets us amped for the release of Pokémon X and Pokémon Y in six short days on October 12th, 2013 with cosplay renditions of female trainer Serena from X and Y and Hilda from Pokémon Black and White.

For more of Thunderbolt, check out her DeviantArt page. (Photography by Beethy.)





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  • FreakyGeeky

    Oh, to be that Snivy in the second picture.

    • OlaPola

      this comment made me sad, but then again, I clicked the link to this too so I guess I’m sad to.

      • FreakyGeeky

        Well you know what always cheers me up when I’m sad and wallowing in self-pity?

        Masturbating furiously to video game cosplayers. Hey… want to give it a try? I could critique your form.

        • Natural Harmonia


  • Natural Harmonia

    Wow, so beautiful. :o