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Is It Good? Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 Review

The Villains Month book for Bane revealed he was coming for Gotham; never mind that Batman’s rogues gallery has taken over sections of the city – he wants it all. So begins the war of Gotham this week, with Bane against them all. Is it good?

Forever Evil: Arkham War #1 (DC Comics)

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This issue opens where Batman #23.4: Featuring Bane left off, with Bane taking over Blackgate Prison and Gotham fully controlled and divided amongst Batman’s villains. If you don’t know, the world’s heroes have disappeared, the sun is blotted out and it’s looking very scary for the people of the world. What’s interesting about this comic is, aside from Commissionar Gordon, Bane is coming off as the hero of the story. Sure, he has his ulterior motives and kills innocent folks for his gain, but it’s him vs. the bad guys essentially. That’s compelling, particularly because this may be an epic arc for Bane and an arc that will define him for years to come.

So it’s cool to smoke in comics again?

The issue checks in on Gordon and Bane to open the issue, as they witness the downfall of Gotham for better or worse (depending on the character you ask). Bane is particularly boss in these scenes, kicking ass and taking names. The man is on a mission. Writer Peter Tomasi does a good job pacing this story out in this issue. You get enough of every character and a sense that Bane may actually bringing order to the chaos, but also the brutal nature of living in Gotham.

I don’t understand the progression of this dialogue.

The dialogue on the other hand, is a bit of a mess throughout the issue. In particular, whenever Scarecrow is involved the dialogue goes on and on and sometimes makes little to no sense. I also don’t understand what Penguin is doing in his scene with Scarecrow, either. I get that Tomasi is setting up the real enemy to Bane here, but it’s not clear how Penguin is going to even touch Bane in regards to the future issues. Tomasi does nail Pyg though, in all his disgusting and disturbing glory.

Oh cool, Bane is a dentist in the New 52!

Artist Scot Eaton does a bangup job throughout the issue, with a good balance between atmosphere and progression. He’s obviously aided by the pacing of the script, but whenever necessary he casts the characters in the correct light to imbue power, chaos or honed control.

Can you name the lairs of all the villains?


  • Great atmosphere with the art
  • Bane is just awesome
  • Scarecrow dialogue scenes odd
  • What exactly is Penguin going to do against an army?

Is It Good?

This was a good start to the new miniseries by DC Comics. I’m still not sure the stakes when it comes to Penguin’s threat to Bane though, which takes this issue down a few notches. That said, it’s well paced and Bane is thoroughly clear in his desires and power. Should be fun to see how this character developments.


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