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Is It Good? Judge Dredd #11 Review

Judge Dredd hasn’t had a science fiction series as fun and hilarious as this in quite awhile. Can IDW keep it up and is it good?

Judge Dredd #11 (IDW Publishing)

Find out what’s going on by reading our summary in our Judge Dredd #10 review.

We left off with Judge Dredd driving off from a literal killer amusement park with an eight-eyed mutant who can see alternate futures through each eye. They’re tracking down a crew Dredd came to the wastes to take out and he finds them on the very first page of this issue. There was a good bit of humor — as has been the case with this series — and plenty of gore to keep the kids entertained. Now this issue does something incredibly shocking by showing Dredd get his ass beat.


Just when you were starting to like a dynamic between characters, writer Duane Swierczynski has to separate them and potentially ruin it! Dredd and the eight-eyed mutant had a cool rapport, and the mutant gave Dredd a teammate who could show us alternate futures adding to the level of insanity this book slings at you. This issue does have a bit of insanity going for it, in this case with a neat backstory for a man who prides himself on cooking great human, but not as many laughs as the previous issues. Here, the focus is more on the drama and ass beating of Dredd.

Judge meat, something the Supreme Court must face all the time.

Aside from the backstory of our cook, the issue hinges on whether you like to watch Dredd get his bones broken. Really no humor is present outside that backstory, and the science fiction elements are few and far between too.

The art by Nelson Daniel continues to be as excellent as always. Its cartoony feel continues to mix in nice dramatic moments and good atmosphere when needed. Even in the weakest of scenes, Daniel can pull out a bit of a smirk or add energy with a facial expression or how flashbacks mix in with the current timeline.

Seeing yourself being eaten can’t help the digestion.


  • Nelson Daniel is carving a name out for himself with this series
  • Great flashback
  • Bit of a snooze with everything else

Is It Good?

Gets the job done moving the characters from point A to B, but I could have used more when it comes to Dredd in this issue. Really everything seems to hang on the flashback of a character we didn’t even know till this very issue.


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