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Is It Good? Oz #3 Review

Part of the fun of reading reimagined stories is seeing how the pieces have changed for the zeitgeist, yet still remain true to the original.

Wicked isn’t famous just for being based on the Wizard of Oz but how it improved on and changed all the concepts we know and love. The same goes for Zenescope Entertainment’s latest series, Oz and with #3 out today there are plenty of new revelations. Reimagined concepts aside, is it good?

Oz #3 (Zenescope Entertainment)

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In Oz #2 Dorothy started her journey with the Lion, Glenda the good witch and even brought Scarecrow into the fold. They’re all searching for a scepter that holds enough power to change the tide of the war against the wicked witch. It’s a standard MacGuffin story, but it’s incorporating plenty of twists and turns into the story to make it new and fresh.

In a lot of ways writer Joe Brusha is turning the fairy tale story into a true epic on a Lord of the Rings level. Or at least he’s trying. This issue opens where the last left off, with a band of marauding wolves attack Dorothy and her crew.

Are there sexual undertones in, “Never been so excited in my life?

Brusha also seems to be slowly peeling back the curtain on why Dorothy is the chosen one. It’s subtle enough to be missed, which makes the developments all the more delicious. The only problem I had with the issue was the monotony of the action sequences. It’s possible the art falters a bit as it’s a bit scattered and hard to follow, but the atmosphere isn’t nailed quite right either.

Upskirt anyone?

The art by Rolando Disessa isn’t necessarily bad as it is vivid when it needs to be, particularly with the flashbacks; it’s really the lack of detail that’s missing here, especially in establishing shots. Things look half finished and rushed, which makes certain scenes less impactful.

The Wizard of Oz really could have used more dungeons.


  • Cool revisions to the story
  • The story progresses and the gang gets more members
  • Art feels rushed especially in establishing shots

This series is generally good for decent pacing and interesting additions to the mythos of Oz. The art is a bit rushed though, which takes it down a peg as far as enjoyment goes. Still, the story is compelling enough to be enjoyed by everyone.

Is It Good?

Yes. Good read and a nice addition to the other reimaginings this series has had.


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