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Is It Good? Star Wars #10 Review

Star Wars has gotten a shot in the arm with this new series that takes place between A New Hope and Empire Strikes Back. How many secrets can it reveal, will they enrich or cheapen the films we all know and love, and is it good?

Star Wars #10 (Dark Horse Comics)

Find out what’s going on by reading our summary in our Star Wars #9 review.

Last month, Leia visited the remaining rocks that were Alderaan and found a man floating floating amongst them in a Star Destroyer. Oh, and he was the dude who created the weapon that blew up the damn planet! Meanwhile, the Rebel fleet prepares for an Imperial assault.

A few things are revealed in this issue, like where the “Rogue” in “Rogue Squadron” came from, and a moment for Vader as he learns more about Skywalker. Both should make fans swoon and make them feel like they know this universe a bit more. Which really, is why most approach a series like this in the first place.

Artist Carlos D’Anda continues to imbue a sense of claustrophobia which helps steep these characters in reality

Aside from those two moments, I was left a bit underwhelmed with the events in this issue. Where Han Solo and Chewie left off with Boba Fett was resolved rather cheaply here and the same goes for Leia and the Star Destroyer bad man. Obviously Boba Fett will come back into the story at some point, and maybe the creator of the weapon that killed Alderaan will too, but both seemed to be cut short to get to the big battle that’s kicking into gear in the next issue.

While these events don’t get enough time, that isn’t to say the pace and layouts worked. Artist Carlos D’Anda continues to imbue a sense of claustrophobia which helps steep these characters in reality. He also casts Skywalker and Wedge Antilles in a red glow that serves multiple purposes, albeit because of how they are framed and cast in shadows. This opening scene between them allows D’Anda to hit different beats, like their sorrow over their losses, their anxiety for the next step in their plan and even their camaraderie. It goes a long way in, you guessed it, humanizing these characters and making them relatable.


  • Cool moments that reveal more about the universe
  • Art that’s well paced and humanizes the characters
  • Plots seemingly dropped unnecessarily

Is It Good?

It’s good, no doubt about that, but it does leave the reader a bit disappointed. The revealing moments for the series as a whole make this worth checking out and the art is exceptional. Unfortunately it left a few plot points as if they were chores to get through.


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