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Is It Good? Suicide Squad #24 Review

We’ve got ourselves a double hitter today: Not only does this issue bring in its new writer, Matt Kindt, it is also a tie-in issue to Forever Evil! This is certainly one that has gotten my attention, especially having read its two prequel issues last month (Harley Quinn and Deadshot). Let’s see what Mr. Kindt has up his sleeve. Is it good?

Suicide Squad #24 (DC Comics)

Suicide Squad #24 Cover

Amanda Waller is trapped within the walls of Belle Reve with nowhere to go now that the prisoners are running rampant. She still needs work to get done however so she makes the call out to Deadshot and Harley Quinn to head to the Rocky Mountains to take out a weapon that the Crime Syndicate is having built. Meanwhile, Tinker, a prisoner in Belle Reve, is having other prisons build some kind of device.

Suicide Squad 24 01
I have no idea what it does, but it is very spherical.

This is a pretty solid, but average start to this arc and for this new writer. There’s nothing particularly wrong here, since it establishes what characters will be important for this story and getting said story up and running, and adds some decent conflicts as well. However, it doesn’t exactly suck you in and only really starts picking up towards the very end of the book (namely the last three pages or so).

The rest of the writing is decent, but again nothing special. Character interactions and dialogue are fine (there’s a good line or two here and there), the pacing moves quickly, the story doesn’t feel boring or hard to follow at any points, and the ending is decent. But again, there’s really not much to say here in terms of the writing or having something to keep you invested.

Suicide Squad 24 02
Steel here should really be wearing earmuffs for this weather.

Patrick Zircher, who you may remember from his work on The Flash #23.3, is on art duties here and his stuff is good. The characters’ appearances are all nicely done, the small bit of action and violence are memorable, and he puts a lot of work and detail into the surroundings and backgrounds. Not much to comment on: it’s simply a good looking book.


  • The writing is decent overall and sets off the arc nicely.
  • The artwork is solid and shines in a couple of moments.
  • Doesn’t pick up until the very end.

Is It Good?

Sort of. Matt’s first issue is certainly not bad and gets the ball rolling for this arc well enough, but it doesn’t really pull you in and ends right before it starts getting good. The artwork and a couple of good moments do keep things from being dull, but this book is going to have pump things up in the next issue quickly.


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