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Is It Good? Superman/Wonder Woman #1 Review

Here’s a comic that’s been garnering a lot of attention and criticism from all over the web, due mostly to the characters having a relationship with each other. Way to dispel that non-mature vibe we have going for us, guys.

Whether or not they are together does not matter to me. What matters is if Superman and Wonder Woman can team up to make a great or at least entertaining comic. Let’s find out; is it good?

Superman/Wonder Woman #1 (DC Comics)

Superman & Wonder Woman #1 Cover

Superman and Wonder Woman head out to the middle of some ocean, hearing about a weird storm going on. While Wonder Woman goes to rescue a plane about to crash, Superman heads below the surface to see what the problem is. However, what’s under the water is something he wasn’t expecting.

Superman & Wonder Woman 01 01
Oh no! I forgot I couldn’t breathe under water! GAH!

Superman/Wonder Woman is a good, but not great first issue. It does what a first issue needs to do by setting up and establishing our main characters for new readers to get a feel for them (for all of those people who live under rocks of course), it gets a couple of plot lines going, and ends with a good cliffhanger to get people interested in seeing where the book goes next month.

The thing about it is that it isn’t very… exciting or something that really draws you in. Don’t get me wrong, all the writing is fine and I do buy this relationship from what our writer, Charles Soule, has shown. The dialogue and exchanges are pretty solid in establishing the friendships and relationships with everyone. It just does not click though in making you want more. You read it and you know you read a well written book, but you don’t feel an urge to get more.

Superman & Wonder Woman 01 02
You hear me Clark!? Friendster! Do you want us to become like them?

The artwork is by Tony Daniel and he does a good job here. His characters look unique (though some facial expressions leave something to be desired), he draws some occasional clever panel layouts, there’s a good amount of detail and engrossing backgrounds, and the bits of action he does looks very good. Having first seen his work in Batman R.I.P., I can say he really has come quite a long way.


  • Solid writing overall.
  • The artwork looks good.
  • Not really exciting or engaging until the very end.
  • Nothing particularly special here.

Is It Good?

Yeah, but it’s not something to rush out the doors to get. The writing is solid and the artwork is decent, but it doesn’t really pull you in or make you want to stay around for the coming months. It’s very much a first issue, but like with any issue, it always has room to improve. Let’s keep an eye on this and see if this superpowered couple has what it takes to go the distance.


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