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Is It Good? Batwoman #24 Review

There’s been a lot of controversy surrounding this title since the writers, J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman, walked off due to editorial interference that wanted them to change all of their plans at the last minute. As such, with many problems such as issues that have been finished but won’t be published, Batwoman #24 is their final issue. How did it all end for them? Is it good?

Batwoman #24 (DC Comics)

The DEO’s plan goes into action and they release Batman’s rogue gallery (well, a couple) on Gotham, hoping to get Batman’s attention. Batwoman watches from afar, a bit nervous for her upcoming battle with the Bat himself. Meanwhile, Batwoman’s plan to free her sister from the DEO’s clutches goes into action as well.

I know! It always feels awesome to string a long combo in Batman: Arkham Asylum.

Just a bit after we all found out that the final issues of Batwoman would not be published, even though they were finished like mentioned, J.H. Williams III said this issue would end on a horrible cliffhanger. I’ll be honest here: He is completely right on this. I mean, if the rest of the run continued on like planned, this would have been a fantastic cliffhanger that would have gotten us all psyched to see more. I know I would have been, but because of the unfortunate situation, this was really a bad place to end it, especially seeing the tagline for the next month’s issue being a Zero Year tie-in.

How was the rest of the issue though, despite this tragedy? It was great and absolutely had a blast reading it. Seeing all the characters in action, unleashing their plans on everyone was wonderful and was a real treat for fans of the series. The dialogue and interactions with everyone were enjoyable and there were a couple of lines that put a smile on my face. Despite it being mostly a lot of action scenes, the story did progress a lot, so it didn’t feel vapid. The only other problem I had with the writing was the fact that I couldn’t tell exactly when this issue took place. It must have taken place after the death of Robin, but the fact that Nightwing is still around (shouldn’t he be in Chicago?) and a few other things, I have no idea when this issue took place. Hey editors, that was a real problem that needed to be fixed!

The artwork is by Trevor McCarthy and it looks great. The characters all look great, the action is fantastic, lots of great layouts and two page spreads, and backgrounds and scenery look well-done as well. I used to be so-so on this artist, but ever since he started on Batwoman, Trevor has immensely improved in his work. I’m going to really miss him on this title, just as much as the writers.

Just another night in Gotham City. Why do people still live here?


  • The writing is top notch.
  • The artwork is fantastic.
  • The ending is very bad given what has happened to the writing team.
  • The storyline is over even though there is so much left to cover.

Is It Good?

Batwoman #24 is a wonderful issue, but it leave such a sour taste in your mouth given that this is how it ends for this writing team. It’s so great, but yet, this is it. The story is over and it ends on such a bad cliffhanger. Get this issue if you want to wrap up this team run on the comic, but prepare to be disappointed.


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