Forever Evil has three little mini-series spinning out of it. Last week, we had Arkham War where we got to see Gotham City dealing with all of Batman Rogue Gallery going nuts. This week, we got Rogues Rebellion, following up on that Flash issue from last month. What will happen here? Is it good?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 (DC Comics)

The Rogues return to Central City and find it in ruin. Bad guys are wrecking the place, Grodd has come and left his mark on the local police force, and the hospital where Captain Cold’s sister is is under attack. Unlike the rest of the villains, the Rogues aren’t ones for all of that world domination and destruction stuff.

Grodd always leaves a damn mess wherever he goes. Wish he would pick up after himself.

This was an enjoyable comic overall. The main characters are villains and some of the things they talk about helps remind us of that, but they remain likeable and you do ultimately do want to succeed. There’s no real story until the very end, but you won’t really notice that and you’ll still have a good time watching the characters. There are good interactions and dialogue, while the pacing is strong. It’s a solid start to this mini-series, even if there isn’t much to comment on in the writing department.

The artwork is where the book has its problems. We have two different artists on this book, with Patrick Zircher (who you may recall from Suicide Squad) and Scott Hepburn. Patrick has a gritty style that fits the tone of the book and really makes the world feel dark and dangerous. The characters all look unique, even in their facial expressions, and the small bit of action he draws looks good. Very solid stuff overall.

Then we got Scott Hepburn, who draws the second half of the book, and it is a major step down in my humble opinion. He has a very cartoony and silly look that makes some of the serious scenes hard to buy. The costumes look very goofy on the characters (Especially Captain Cold’s mask at points) and the body proportions and expressions seem off at points. He does some decent looking action, but that’s pretty much it. His stuff would work better in a different book I feel. At least the coloring is consistent between artists, the book always looks good in that department with its ugly and dingy colors.

We went from this…

…to this. See the problem?


  • Very promising and very enjoyable.
  • The characters are great.
  • Patrick Zircher’s artwork feels fits the tone.
  • Scott Hepburn’s style really doesn’t fit the comic at all.

Is It Good?

Forever Evil: Rogues Rebellion #1 shows a lot of promise and is an enjoyable time overall. It may not have been the best comic to come out this week and a story like this may have been done before (Remember Rogue’s Revenge?), but it’ll certainly be worth your time in reading. Definitely good.

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