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Is It Good? Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 Review

We are finally out of Trinity War and now this comic can finally stretch its legs and do its own thing, right? Nah! Into Forever Evil it goes, ready to dragged back into the crossover world! Is it good?

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 (DC Comics)

Pandora’s Box has been destroyed and all that is left of it are pieces. Pandora, now knowing the truth of it, wants to fix it and use it as a way to send the sins from whence they came. However, she is not exactly a tech savvy individual.

And neither is this odd looking fellow. Then again, I don’t know how useful he would be given his condition.

There is just not much to say about this comic in particular. I did not hate it, nor did I enjoy it. The word to best describe it best would be “meh.” The writing is perfectly fine, but there is not much there to grasp or get pulled into. Nothing really exciting happens and the main thing that happened in Pandora #3 that should really be followed up on, Pandora figuring out how to kill the Deadly Sins, is not followed up on or even considered. It’s really wasted potential.

The writing is fine, but pretty unengaging like I said. The dialogue is alright, outside of a very massive exposition and background information drop by a side character that really does not sound natural. The pacing and flow of the story is fine for the most part, but that’s it. The ending has potential, but only in the last two pages do things finally get interesting.

Clumsy exposition, how we love thee!

The artwork is by Francis Portela this time around and it looks good for the most party. Characters are all drawn well, the locations are neat (even if some lack backgrounds), and more. However, I feel since there is often really nothing interesting to look at, besides for one scene, the art doesn’t feel like it was used to its full potential. It’s hard to explain, but the story does not have much going on in it that the art doesn’t really get to stretch itself.


  • The writing is passable.
  • The artwork is decent.
  • This book feels very dull and unengaging.
  • There’s not much going on here.

Is It Good?

Trinity of Sin: Pandora #4 is an alright book that still has potential, but does not show it here. It’s just so mediocre and unexciting that you do not really get pulled into it. This can be a problem for this title in the future, especially considering it is about to get pulled into a very big crossover (besides Forever Evil) very soon.


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