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Is It Good? Catwoman #24 Review

Oh, I’m not giving up that easily. You’d think I would after that Joker’s Daughter issue, but no sir. I’m not one to quit that easily. (Or maybe I’m just a glutton for punishment.) I’m seeing this book through and nothing will stop me! Is it good?

Catwoman #24 (DC Comics)

center>Catwoman #24 Cover

So, Catwoman and Tinderbox run into the Joker’s Daughter, who kidnaps Tinderbox and separates Tinderbox and herself from Catwoman. Meanwhile, Dr. Phosphorus reveals his evil plan to blow up Gotham City with fake diamonds so that he and his daughter can live above the ground because it’ll be so hot. I guess, it’s not really clear.

Catwoman 24 01
I would like to remind you that all of this is underneath Gotham City.

First things first, this issue isn’t as bad as the Joker’s Daughter issue. That’s a backhanded compliment I admit, but it is true. Catwoman #24 is still pretty bad though. The plot is poorly structured and seems to be constantly changing, even if it completely contradicts itself. For instance, the flaming doctor wants to blow up Gotham so he and his daughter can live above the ground and he’s generally loved her through the few issues they’ve been in (had problems, but nothing too big). However, towards the end when Joker’s Daughter opens the floodgates to try to drown him out, he decides to send a fireball flying back at her, despite the fact that she is holding his daughter hostage. As he puts it, “Some sacrifices must be made.” That does not fit with anything from before! . Also, who can exactly wear a mask to breathe in this area? The rules seems to be changing on that as well for some reason.

The dialogue is still bad, but not nearly as bad. There are dumb and asinine lines aplenty, some bombastic and trying to make the book sound smarter than it is. Sometimes the topic being discussed shifts to something completely different, with no real lead in, so it comes off as forced and stilted. The story with these underground tribes still makes little sense as to how any of it is supposed to be possible and that gang war story is still completely unresolved, shoved to the sidelines and forgotten outside of an occasional mention. The characters also are really not that interesting with their capricious shifts in motivation, some of which are vague and just not interesting.

Catwoman 24 02
What the… she didn’t say anything. What’s with the daddy worship talk?

The artwork by Rafa Sandoval is fine for the most part. All his characters look different and unique with a nice range of faces and emotions, even in the female characters (which some artists have had difficulty doing as of late). The action when it is there looks good (outside of some odd bending displayed) and the scenery is alright (again, when it is actually there). A bunch of panels lack any background and some areas are just completely barren of anything at all. It’s rather visually unimpressive compared to previous issues.

Catwoman 24 03
Where the hell did that ledge she’s running on come from?!


  • The artwork isn’t bad.
  • The writing needs a lot of help.

Is It Good?

No. Catwoman #24 continues its trend of terrible dialogue and plotting, constantly changing the plot and contradicting itself. Catwoman is in desperate need of a new writer and new direction, otherwise this is one book that’ll continue to destroy itself.


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